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Bourbon Pursuit


Whiskey taste dot com to showcase your knowledge in that enthusiastic personality of yours is other big news for us in the pursuit. Spirit side that is. Pursuit united is now in route last week. We finished a bottling and it came out to a total of nine thousand three hundred and forty two bottles of pursuit united distributors. Were picking up last week and this week and it will slowly be making its way out to retail shelves and colorado georgia illinois kentucky tennessee and texas and online. At of course you'll box dot com or beyond excited for this release because we put years of work into it. And i hope you're able to get your hands on it. We couldn't really be happy with the finished product. We love it. I know you're gonna love it to at one hundred and eight proof in sixty five dollars. Non chill filtered. It's going to really speak to those. Berber nerds out there so go get one. Maybe go get another as a backup because this is going to be the final release of twenty twenty one and the twenty twenty two releases still to be determined a bottle of bourbon from old ingle. Do that was bottled in the eighteen. Sixties by evans and raglan in lagrange georgia is to be known as the oldest bourbon in existence and was the subject of intense bidding at skinner's auction that ended back on june thirtieth. The liquid inside is believed to be a century older than its bottling date in appraisers utilize carbon fourteen testing that was conducted by extracting some of the precious liquid hypodermic syringe to reveal an origination date of oximately seventeen sixty three with a high probability that the whiskey was distilled in the late. Eighteenth century. the morgan library a museum. An independent research institution that was originally the private library of finance or j.

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