A highlight from Best Ball ADPs: Quarterbacks


I know a lot of people are going to want to dive into it right away. I wanna make sure that the biggest questions they have. Whether it some of these quarterback situations or some of these rookies. I wanna make sure they're answered. We'll get to your wide receiver. Rookie rankings the next couple of weeks. Which is awesome. We already did. Quarterbacks tight ends running backs the last couple of weeks after the draft. So we'll get back to the receivers but today we will specifically dive in to some of these best ball issues. I mean joe. Even aaron rodgers is something we need to talk about isis. slow my best ball standpoint. ross. I mean let. Let's just keep this in mind. Now we're gonna do. We kind of did a best ball primer a couple of months ago but since draftkings our partners here are going to be launching a very shortly We decided to kinda just do a little bit of a refresher but let's be honest with the exception of some of these. Some young guys who will talk about well always mentioned that. That's more of a dynasty slant over the next three months everything we talk about on the fantasy. Podcast is going to be filtered through the lens of best ball that because right now it's it's the best way to provide fantasy analysis because it gives you real time views of the market. Now i might say at some point. I think najji is going to be a a first round pick by the end of august and give you that kind of a long term view but we are seeing the markets especially when strapped kings. Get up froze. Its hat into the full. We're seeing these markets. Move in real talk. we're seeing. What how. The news affects some of these. Adp's were joe burrow yesterday for instance Adam schefter reported. It looks like he's going to be all systems. Go for week one now. You might not believe that but that might boost his. Ap might boost up there the adp of some of the receivers that are on the cincinnati. Bengals we have the aaron rodgers situation if and when that comes to a resolution the adp's a lot of players are going to be affected. The deshaun watson situation which i mean clearly as far messier than that of aaron rodgers if and when that comes to any sort of resolution we're going to see a bunch of adp's move so the best ball gives you a real time view of how people playing fantasy a lot of them extremely good because we call them the sickos. Ross sickos like me and you were doing. Best ball drafts. Months and months and months and months before the nfl season what we we're going to change our opinions as we do more drafts ooh i. I didn't think i'd be in on the mark jackson this year. But i'm seeing them slip into the six round that that's a price point. I'm willing to enter. We're going to be informing our own opinions. The more

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