What Can Martial Arts Teach Us About Movement Quality With Sam Wuest


What are some things that the martial arts teach us we tend to sack fasha facile training. I think that's an easy objective thing but moving quality. How well do you move and connecting that. The martial arts yes. I think there's a bunch of layers that we can. You know a bunch of different topics that we go into. But since you brought up fashionable training. I think one thing that people have people use paschel training and it's kind of like this broad term as opposed to you know specifics of like how are we actually training the fashion yes. I don't think that people really understand. It's kind of like fashion. Trainings is bucket of like our really know what we're doing here so but it works and it seems to have this quality that were we're saying some something must be going on is probably the show we don't understand the Understand why this works etc etc you know especially the internal martial arts so like piji You see pronounce it with the j. Instead of the is he h because the h was the old pronunciation. I always plug into that Is great polarity taiji. Bagua all these different movements movement styles if you will Martial art styles movement styles especially the ones that either internal. You'll see the bill. Use the body in a different way. Because they're not trying to use the same way. Like an external marcella which even blockbuster. Boxing can be an extra in wash. Light the way that they would be using that because you're using different sections of your body in a particular way and you might be mobilizing different things that i think. In strength and conditioning we don't often assume can or should move if that makes sense and that's a whole rabbit hole to go down but to just gonna give you an overview such as the intercostal 's expanding and contracting and that's one of the reasons why some of these arts really rely on the breath is because it's not as you know i'm not saying throw out via the contracting and like taking a belly breath in and then squeezing and keeping support because you need that if you're olympic theft need that for a lot of things but when we talk about gate when we talk about something a little bit more dynamics throwing is another example there little movements in the ribcage that if those are off the schedule is not gonna move right if those are off them you know then the shoulder you know. The merle joint is not going to feel right at the elbow or something else. Or you're not gonna be able to recruit the right muscles like from doing these things and then even just like a small amount of extra strength over the past few weeks and just like shock. My psoriasis looks like an extra set of ribs like because they're all moving

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