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Is thereby do like the fact that kyle amaury stole from the ball but now we are going to hop into a guy that went fifteen picks earlier in nfl draft. A guy that. I absolutely love allied larger more. He felt a second pick of the second round. And i am adjust fan. So i hope i'm not too biased here by do absolutely love elijah more because you look at the offense there. The new york has in place and the did geico davis and they do have them. Zal dumbbell mims there too and jamison crowder and you may think while there's a lot of receivers here but fact of the matter is the jets spent high draft capital. Two goping get larger more. If they're picking him with the thirty fourth pick of the nfl draft when they have all these other holes on the roster. We're talking edge quarterback you can make the case that they probably should have picked a player that was an edge or cornerback but they went ahead and they pick the larger more probably because they had a first round great on him and viewed him as one of the top receivers in this class. And if they didn't think that he could he could become a number one number two receiver. The offense and zack wilson. They probably wouldn't have bothered. They're in picking eligible more. So i think that you have all these. Ribisi were twos vibrancy. Threes in newark. Don't have a true alpha by receiver one in york and you saw gems on men's last year yes. He had injuries throughout the season. So we didn't really see enough from him but clearly the jets haven't don't believe him enough to be born receiver because they drafted elijah more. And when you're looking at college football last season devante. Smith had a great season but a lot of people are not talking about elijah more enough and i believe elijah moore had the second most receiving yards in college football last season in a shortened season. So this is a guy you can make the case for is a very very good receiver and it was. It was definitely disappointing for him. To see 'em fall out of the first round. But i absolutely love this landing spot with zach wilson in leiden. More both being rookies. I think the chemistry is going to develop an plus alleged. moore's blazing fast receiver. He can like a four three forty and this is the guy. That's an impressive rat runner to me to really has a little bit of it all. He may not be the biggest receiver the biggest taller receiver. But i think that he s potential to be a slot receiver a coup number for the jets in years to come so i am all about allied more this year and going forward i think there may even be better than rashad. Bateman and may be the third or fourth fest receiver in this class. Well i just wanna stay for the viewers. You know anybody. That's been listening to us. Knows that you're not just being a homer on him because you were higher than just about everybody in. The industry like the entire draft process before the draft. So i know it's not just because he landed at the jets because i would call you crazy. It was just for that reason. But you know i think you make interesting cases you know it you also knowing you. You're not a very high. You weren't high on the corey davis signing. I don't think that you're surely how on mims of abbas really really Into mems last year Going the draft process. I did not end up with him on any teams because his a draft dot com just started skyrocketing and he the point where i was taking pittman over them. Still then you. I wasn't getting him. On the turnaround you know because i also claypool and gibson ranked ahead of them but Like mims and i thought he was actually a really really interesting prospect. So at night we're willing to give on him after He's got that alphabet. I'm not willing to give up on him after a year. That a complete dumpster fire in new york last year. You know they have a completely new offense. I corey davis kinda showed that he could be the number one wide receiver. Antonio brown was hurt. Leisure you know most of those. Those guys actually kind of started splitting targets down the stretch about pretty pretty evenly. So i do. Think that Corey davis they paid him. I think they're going to at least attempt to get him. The number one spot and i do think mims profiles really well and the outside as well Us why they went out and got him with that pick. What corey davis and mims strengths are like down the field jump ball situations whereas i think Allies more profiles more is like underneath guy that can can really thrive if he gets volume. I just wonder how much volume is going to be there. If they're not running a dominant amount of sets of three watersheds. Because i do think that the other two receivers with their bodies and big catch races will Out snap him on the outside while it's interesting that you're high on Corey davis. And i know i've said before the not hot high in corey davis so i think that's another reason as to why i'm higher on a lighter more. I'm just not buying the fact. That corey davis succeeds in new york. Two years ago not last year but if we look back two years ago and a lot of people probably have wiped out from their mind. But i have not wiped that season from my mind because i was big. Encore dave's heading attest season and he completely let me down lake completely. Let me down. I'm not even sure. I'm thinking was probably healthy the entire season and i'm not even sure if he finished as top fifty receiver in the league and so fast forward a year and had a very successful year with the titans. I'm not knocking him. But here's a guy who was picked with the seventh or east kick in his draft and he was supposed to be the number one receiver for titans and we never really saw that work out for the titans. And i think they declined his fifth year option. So there's a reason why the titans aren't holding onto corey davis and i think unfortunately core gape is a receiver who can be great here and there like a devante parker. But he's not consistent enough. He's not a true number one receiver. You gotta in a way force in targets from the be successful. And i think the jets are just gonna realize the gecko that our number one receivers probably larger more in a number two receivers probably summons so. I'm not scared about corey. Davis getting targets. People were saying the same thing last season about shod paramount and how he was going to have a huge role in that new york offense and what happened in bre shot parent. Who by the way. I was extremely on extremely law. Shot payment last year. What happened to be shot. He did nothing for that offense. So i think just because the jets went after core gave us that doesn't mean that he's going to automatically demand targets. It's zach. wilson's offense now. I think zack. Wilson is going to gravitate Skies like elijah. More over corey davis and a jamison crowder dems. I think the alleged moore will end up being his normal receiver. And i think that the ceiling for more is very high to it. Might it might not happen with a larger more by think by the end of the season we're going to really realize how good of a player that allies are more is. Yeah so

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