A highlight from Side Effects of Organizing (with Erika Ford)

Small Doses


Dansk funky. It's time for another episode of small doses. We are in the building and By the way buildings are opening up. You know as the sec. Who is tour dates and all kinds of things and you know we have a. We have smart. Funny imblack show. That is scheduled for oct at the wilbur in boston. And i'm hoping that we get to keep that day. Of course we haven't been cancel reschedule reschedule so many dates in the past year and a half but that could very possibly sick so keeping my fingers crossed about that As we continue on with the incredible guests that we've been having here at small doses this episode side effects of organising is in relation to you. There's been a lot of talk lately about just like where funds from these nonprofits are going. And what does it mean to be an activist organizer and you know who gets to be an front the camera and still do the work behind the camera. And why is that legitimate etc etc. And i wanted to do an episode. That really just went outside of those like hot button buzz topics to just the heart of the actual work and what it looks. Like when it's being done in a very real and earnest way without it being like a reporter gotcha type of conversation and so i brought on on other than erica ford. Who is a lifelong organizer in new york. Who anybody in new york been doing. Anything knows about eric afford st. Is this incredible personality and grounded and just Hyperfocused human on humanity and her benevolence and her philanthropy shows through in just her dedication to really just getting to the hearts of people and particularly in the black and brown community to really get into ourselves and find ways to advance in spite of the oppression that continues to exist around us. And i have just in new york. I feel like i don't even know when i met eric. So we're going to have to talk about that when we podcast. But she was always there and she's continues to be there. When i say there she continues to be in the spots that need her and do so with the same energy that it feels like she was doing when i met her twenty years ago so without further ado. Let's get into this great combo side the organizing with air before the whole thing about it water. What did you hear about this water. I heard that it's not really if you read it. Devils in the details okay. Proprietary process turns water from any shortcuts. The process is not really is processed be upper. It's not like from a spring. What is it. Nothing is easy this cases for cases than somebody. Your reason right well. I'm finished my case this wage folks. You're hearing the voice of basically. You're like an omnipotent like just like this ferial being. i don't even know when i met eric for it. I feel like you've always been here on a show us. Something you will aren't you won't wanna

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