Sex Trafficking in America


So seth. I've been was it a couple a couple of days ago. I was reading the news. And i came across this story. That was horrifying. You know the and i'm going to read a little bit of the article to you. But what do you think what. What's your perception of sex trafficking and human trafficking. Like how big of a problem do you think that is here in the united states just curious because i know you because because it's been recently i think you're gonna touch on. It's been in the news recently so and also knowing paul viola. Our friend and colleague working with you to i know that it's it's a serious issue. But and i know that the majority of people ask anyone they think it's a third world country issue and not not a united states. Exactly right i mean. I really do feel when i'm out there talking to people when i bring up sex trafficking. It's it conjures up You know third world countries or other countries or you know what's been in the news maybe You know Nail salons and massage parlors. And things like that which is very real and it is very prevalent here in the united states. But i want to read you. And yes i know glasses. Give me any crap This this article sex trafficking stats okay. Sex trafficking continues to plague our society. Nowadays investigators are seeing more activity can get this homeland. Security says trafficking numbers have gone up during the pandemic predators are doing everything they can draw their victims draw in their victims and the number one source of contact is social media.

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