How To Start A Meditation Practice And Create Healthy Habits


Of us have at least a few items on our list of things we quote unquote should be doing whether you want to start meditating or incorporate any other new habit there's amazing science that can help guide us to the results that we want. So what do we know about setting ourselves up for success. When it comes to creating healthy habits. Dr hyman spoke to journalists and the host of the ten percent happier podcast. Dan harris about his own johnny into meditation. And how just one minute. A day may be enough to get. You started with a regular practice. I had been assigned to cover faith spirituality for abc news. And i didn't want that assignment nine percent this stuff at all. It actually turned out to be great for me. And i met a lot of interesting people and that ultimately led me to reading a book by eckhart totally. He was the first person i ever heard. Describe the fact that we have a voice in our heads this inner narrator. That's diam wearing all the time at us. Mostly thinking about the pastor the future crazy and your head. Yeah or the buddha calls at the monkey mind but i had never heard that theory before. That was a major a moment for me. Because i realized okay. This is just intuitively true. A and b this theory about the human situation that we have this nonstop voice in our heads really explains why how. I had a panic attack. Because the voice in my head my ego my inner narrator Is what sent me off to war zones without thinking about the psychological conferences. And i came home and i got to press. Didn't even really know it. And that did this dumb thing self medicating so that was. That was really interesting to me. And then i started looking at the science. And then i started thinking okay. Maybe i'll try this. And as soon as i tried it. I realize this is not you know like hacky sack or you know. Lighting incense is not some hippy. Pastime this is a this is exercise for your brain. It's it's happens without effort in other words. You just have to do. The practices like exercise. You do the exercising our body shape whether you like it or not and yes it happens in that way and in a you can read about all you want but unless you begin to know your mind which is what meditation helps you do. It's like slowdown what's going on. It's not like blank slate. You closure is in your in bliss and that's not how goes right. It's a very. It's a very interesting way to sort of reset your relationship to yourself to your world experience to the meaning you give things and everything sort of shifts whether you want to make it shift not as is the act of doing

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