A highlight from The Most Stylish Food Stylist, Mariana Velsquez

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I brought over the recipe. Later right there and say you have a great hand foods styling but you should become a food stylist. What's that can. You beat the hell canoe only dedicate your career to bringing food style. And she said yeah and choose people. Thanks hey bomb squad. You're listening to radio cherry bomb. I'm your host carry diamond coming to you from a new location. This episode is being recorded. Live at new stan studios at rockefeller center. In new york city radio cherry bomb has a new home and we couldn't be more excited. We'll be telling you more about newsstand studios and all the exciting things going on at rock center in the weeks ahead for today. Joining me in. This adventure is marianne of alaska's. Marianna is best known as a food stylist but she can now add cookbook author to her resume as her debut. Cookbook colombiana comes out june fifteenth. It's a beautiful book and the love letter to her native country. It's a big month for marianna as she was. Also the food stylist in the heights. The highly anticipated film from lin. Manuel miranda it opens on the eleventh and as a big lynn fan. I cannot wait. I'm so thrilled that today's sponsor is lawful randall. One of my fashion favorites. I'm sure a lot of you know they're beautiful shoes bags accessories and apparel. But you might not know. The brand was founded by the wonderfully creative jesse laughlin randall. In cobble hill brooklyn only a few blocks away from where cherry bomb was born. You

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