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Excused absence meaning that they would not have to find him. Ninety three thousand and eighty five dollars now. Some people might say well. You're creating a bad precedent. Well yes you are creating a precedent but you are creating a precedent with a future hall of fame quarterback and that's better than further straining relationship when you're trying to convince a player who right now doesn't seem interested in returning to green bay to come back to that spot but again rodgers not expected to be there. The packers have another situation on their hands. I think they're prepared for the long haul. In this. In fact. I was told yesterday that the packers are prepared to make another run at him and go try to meet with him again. After this mandatory mini camp that the general manager the president could be headed out to try to meet with him again to try to convince them yet again as they've tried to do throughout the off season to no avail to come back now again. Put this all together. How does a south you where into june. They've been trying to get him back since february. Nothing's changed draining correct but the really important stuff starts today and then it gets more important next month so shefty you say. They are inclined maybe to excuse the absence. They're inclined to go out and meet with him. Is there any indication. They are inclined to consider trading him as of this point the packers have been firm in their stance that they won't trade him. But what. I could see

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