A highlight from Jon Rahm Booted from The Memorial For Testing Positive for Covid; Ayanna Pressley and Elizabeth Warren Silent After Cops Risk Their Lives; Matt Walsh's GoFundMe for AOC's Grandma Taken Down; LeBron Quits; Kamala Cookies & More


Today's callahan podcast. Will jon rahm lost out on one. Point seven million dollars because he tested positive for the virus didn't have any symptoms. That's the positive and told a go home. Even always leading the memorial by six shots that rushed of you're seeing is all the other. Pj plays rushing to get vaccinated. Today we will talk about that. A worcester police officer gives his life trying to save a child. Who was drowning very sad story. Not that you heard any sympathy from Anna presley or liz. Born her six point seven million falls on twitter. Heard nothing about that. a conservative podcast. Her and pundit trolls llc brilliantly lebron james quits on the lakers and quits on the season and kamala harris gives out cookies. Isn't that nice. Kamala harris gave cookies to the media. Literally we will tell you

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