Being Vulnerable Is the First Step to Getting Your Emotional Needs Met


When your needs aren't being met What we tend to do is we tend to tense up and we tend to hide behind either anger or harshness or nagging or bickering or complaining. But we don't do is we. Don't show our vulnerable side. We don't shower softness and this first key is to actually open yourself up and show him yourself side. Show him was actually important to you. Because when you're coming from this wool vulnerable space. It's a very different dynamic. It's not as dynamic of trying to push. It's not coming from a dynamic of being super needy or something like that and by the way if you're wondering how to do it without being needed. That's the next episode But like it is really the softness that gets lost right because you're coming from this discard place. So you're like trying to. You're only going to lower the guard if your needs are being met basically rather than showing yourself in the so that you needs canopy met and i know i just talked about how right now. We don't have that struggle at all to meet each other's needs but once upon a time we did. We had a really difficult time. We were very unhappy and we didn't really know what was going wrong. And within that process. When i one date actually opened up to you and happened to that softness which is the first way that were suggesting here to get him to meet your needs or if to fulfil your knees to tap into us. Softness for me that meant actually emitting to you vulnerably. What was going on emotionally. And that meant admitting doesn't mean you the listener have to do this exactly but this is not a secret formula. I'm just saying my way of tapping into that softness. When within our relationship was actually to get vulnerable it was to connect to myself honestly and admit how i was feeling and it is to share that with you

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