Amazon Sidewalk Is Live, What Should You Do About It?

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Sidewalk is an ambitious program to create east smart neighborhood by borrowing thais liver of your bandwidth the powered echo devices. Now us live what you do about it. On roger chang industry daily charge joining us to talk about all things. Sidewalk is our smart home expert at at editor right chris. Welcome i roger beer. So i what is amazon sidewalk. So what amazon sidewalk is basically trying to do is help devices outside. The home connect with amazon servers. So it's using your echo in ring devices as sort of like a relay if there's a device that's like a neighbor's light or someone lost a tile tracker in the vicinity of your home where it's in bluetooth range of that echo device and you have sidewalk turned on in so do today that device from another person can send data to amazon servers to get to the tile rivers or to get to whatever servers needs to get to save at. The light needs to come on that. The tracker is missing. And it's passing that data through your echo devices. It's using bluetooth. The send the data to the echo device. And then you're passing that along through your network up to amazon servers. So the scary part of that is that it's using a little bit of your home's bandwidth and it's letting other people potentially have s in a sort of anonymous in unseen way to your home's

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