Elon Musk Is a Stonckfluencer



Go back to that for twenty tweet from twenty eighteen. Tell me a little bit more about the trouble. Daddy lennon too. So the brought must to court Basically because they're saying this is true you didn't have funding secured you misled. Investors sent the stock price up. You know it was nowhere near four twenty at the time. So they ended up settling out of court. He'd have to admit any wrongdoing. But he lost his chairmanship tesla. And musk find a total of twenty million dollars each and he was supposed to run any like market-moving tweets by the company's lawyers kind of the settlement was to sort of get a hold of of this wild twitter. And we've been seeing the tweets alana's sort of famous for being wild on twitter but recently we learned that you didn't really follow the judge's orders. In the case of running his tweets by lawyer right right even after paying forty million dollars was against chairmanship turns out based on this correspondence that the wall street journal through a request that he not running tweets by his lawyers. And the sec's upset that he's not actually following the agreement in the settlement so one of the tweets was about solar reproduction and the other one was him saying that the the stock was too high which actually sent the stock down about ten percent to be clear you on. Musk is still the. Ceo of tesla. Right he is still the. Ceo tesla in a ceo saying that your company's stock prices too high. Seems like a bad idea. Yeah i mean. He just has such an effect on the stock price. And it's like so obvious. Every time he sends a tweet you can chart out. You know how much he sends the tesla's stock upper down. Has anything happened to. Egon tweets by the sec added. The short answer is no There's a lot of back and forth between the sec. And his lawyers lawyers are saying he doesn't really need to run those tweets by them because their opinion Sec tried to hold him in contempt of court for an earlier tweet but the judge was like you guys deal with this and they did by saying okay. Employers have to go re tweets but only when they have to do with production refinances. But that doesn't seem to have stopped him here. I mean sec's only recourse. Would be to try to go back to a federal judge. See if the hold him in contempt or relitigate this whole thing you know get rid of the settlement and try to try to get him in trouble for that original for twenty tweet.

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