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Welcome to thomas. Podcast brought to you on t. v. one the voice of the city that this week graciously offered as a special tribute to the city of jerusalem and to the people of jerusalem on the occasion of jerusalem. Day the use for free grads complimentary on the house as a gift no charge of municipal beach chairs and beach umbrellas at the quote unquote jerusalem beach in tel aviv. Right across from the old opera building on the site where the first knesset met from march to december nineteen forty nine now on three hundred and sixty four days a year. A municipal beach chair would set back a jerusalemite a cool eight shekels and a municipal beach umbrella would cost them another eight. Which made it doesn't sound like so much but say a family of four jerusalemites choose to spend jerusalem day at the jerusalem beach in tel aviv. That would be thirty. Two shekels for chairs alone and assuming two people can share an umbrella sixteen jekyll for umbrellas or forty channels in total enough by four ice cream bars from the guy with the refrigerator box. Who walks up and down. The jerusalem beats telling ice cream which makes this gift from the tel aviv to the people of jerusalem. In every sense of the word. A sweet deal. The jerusalem beach in tel aviv was first dedicated on may seventeenth nineteen eighty-eight tomorrow twenty years since the reunification of the city. Although in fact twenty one years had passed. The event was hosted by legendary tel aviv. Mayor shlomo cheech la hot and the guest of honor was leading very jerusalem. Mayor teddy colic performing at the event was the quote unquote tel aviv. Boardwalk banned. The teas moratti yell at shell. Tel aviv conducted by davi crochet. A tel aviv born producer and conductor. Who started his career with the airforce band and then as an arranger for oregon stein and eventually in one thousand nine hundred three. He formed the tel aviv boardwalk band which started out playing at city events and then was all over the tv and it remained until nineteen ninety eight. One of the best loved big bands in israel. Teddy colic for his part brought with him to the dedication of the jerusalem beach in tel aviv la carte hora effort. The chicks hora dance troupe. A jerusalem group of sixty ten to fourteen year old children who danced ethnic and folk dances on the beach. Obviously a fine time was had by all which both cities were very much in need of no doubt as relations between the two cities and the two mayors had lately been strained by long-standing dispute over which of the two cities would get the host the miss universe contest the international management which had announced in one thousand nine hundred six its intention to hold its annual pageant in the holy land in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight in honor of the fortieth anniversary of the state of israel quote after two thousand years. One paper wrote the competition to choose. The world's beauty queen will take place in a jewish state and quote in a nineteen eighty-seven interview in maariv headlined. Cheech and teddy want babes. The original hebrew word is cutty coat. Cheech teddy roy team code which word heidi code some translate as piece of ass and others as lookers or maybe hadi's of course if this was the nineteen thirties and you were one of the dead end kids. Or maybe the bowery boys you might call them tomatoes or maybe cupcakes anyway tel aviv. Mayor cheech hot was asked to explain why he and the mayor of jerusalem are quote fighting over eighty. I don't know honey pies dream. Boats doll faces foxy lady's chick's and la explained with maybe a little bit of condescension that jerusalem is fine but tel aviv simply excels at balls and parties and jerusalem. What are you going to do. He said the place has no beach in tel aviv. Had said the six hundred million viewers of the miss universe pageant would also see quote a city that engenders art and culture and quote unlike the heavy antiquarian sites of the nation's capital not long after that jerusalem mayor teddy colleague conceded the battle announcing that quote as a true patriot of jerusalem. And because i truly love-hate coat maybe rape fine broads. I announced that tel aviv is more fit to host the competition here the dame's malls dishes floozy ts here. The hottie cote will need to go around in swimsuits and we are not so cruel as to let them get cold in the chilly jerusalem. Winter and quote the headline of the paper quote colic colon. Let cheech hold miss universe semi colon in jerusalem. The cote will get cold and quote and one can only imagine after so intense competition so gracious and humble a concession on colleagues part.

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