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Kevin broke his the same thing in his left ankle, but he didn't break his femur. And I think he had some head trauma, as well at first, but he's okay now. And then puff in Bennett, who were in the front seats, they were fine, luckily. And I think I remember right after surgery I said to my mom, I said, thank God it was me and Kevin that got hurt because Kevin Bennett in the front had just had a baby. And then puff also in the front weighs. He's a big man. He weighs like 400 pounds. So I don't know how he would have recovered. It would have been bad for Kevin to have to take off work when he just has a newborn baby. Thank God it was me and Kevin are the ones that got hurt. Did you have to do any learning how to walk or anything like that again or just had to wait for the healing and you were fine? I had a physical therapy and occupational therapy in the hospital so they had to teach me how to get on and off the toilet, get out and out of bed, those kind of things. Simple everyday habits, I was the occupational therapy. That was the biggest the doctor's biggest concern for me to go home. So when you guys put a camera GoFundMe, I'm assuming how much did you get from that? Did you, I think the GoFundMe total I want to say was like, I think $40,000. Something like that. Were you blown away by the amount of support that you got? I was so blown away. I mean, when I saw you donated, like Finn Balor, or CM Punk, like these people who, like you said, it could have been anybody. Everybody knows what it's like to drive if you're, if you're an indie wrestler, you know what it's like to drive, that could have been anybody. And that's not something that you necessarily think about when you're going on a road trip. You're right. For wrestling show, you're just concerned about, oh man, I hope we get trans money for the show. Exactly. I hope I hope there is a restaurant open after the show, so I don't have to eat McDonald's. You're not worried about, oh man, I hope I make it home alive. What makes you realize that it can happen so quickly? And it has happened to some of the brothers Adrian Adonis and Brady Boone, a couple others, but also too, that wrestling is such a brotherhood. You know, like you said, guys like punk or fan or me, I think Tony might even donate it. Tony did. You know, it's just guys that just, like you said, we've all been here before. And we got lucky and you didn't, so. Yeah, and I mean, it really was just beautiful to, once I saw open Twitter, I think. And then I checked the group chat with my friends. And they were saying, oh, see, I'm punctures donated. And I'm like, man, that's a cool feeling. It made me feel very blessed. So even the people who had no idea who I was at the time, are willing to support me because they know how hard the struggle of wrestling is in general. And then they know the struggle of being in a car accident while you're trying to do what you love on top of that. It was really beautiful, beautiful for me to see everybody support. So how long was it until you got back into the ring again? After the crash, my first match after that, I believe was June. So I went from January, June. It was, again, Stu Grayson at C four wrestling. Wow. It was a pretty quick turnaround time. I don't want to brag, but my surgeon told me that it was the fastest he's seen anybody come back from either of those injuries, let alone both at the same time. Wow. That's amazing. I was on some John Cena, Wolverine, recovery types. That is true. Those stories that you heard are exactly true. The world is a stressful place, and that can wreak havoc on a guy's testosterone level. I mean, low testosterone is not just an old guy concerned these days. Even then in their 30s or having low testosterone issues. That's where Irwin naturals come in. It's an all liquid soft gel line enhanced with bio purine. Irwin naturals is a bunch of different testosterone products like testosterone.

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