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In the roadway on highland at walnut Grove road as well as quick and Riverdale which I think for today we've got some sunshine coming up this afternoon with a high temperature it's going to be in the mid fifties then for tonight that low is going to be dropping down into the low forties tomorrow we'll have sunshine high back in the mid fifty sunny and sixty on Wednesday then on Thursday we'll have mostly sunny skies a high temperature in the mid to upper sixties near seventy for the weekend right now we got a temperature forty three degrees this morning news time is six thirty three intimate six hundred W. R. E. C. ninety two point one FM the I heart radio out great to have you here on the program forty three degrees hall lane mackerel I tell ya the chill is on this morning with gusty conditions winds gusting up to around thirty miles an hour this morning we'll have birthdays coming up for you in just a bit but first let's get the phone lines of course the economy jobs all up part of the big picture right now and joining us on the program always appreciate.

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