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So what what's on your mind today i just want to thank you for being there and exploiting a lot of the situation with this being anyone i'm just absolutely horrified and just can't believe what's going on in in the state as far as crime goes and how the victims are just being more victims and just being devastated over them let know who's murderers or even with all this parole you know they need to get rid of that well in in this is why i say sp ninety one has so many facets facets to it whether it's pretrial going on this assessment tool which is a joke to let people out before they go to trial and they're revictimizes other residents in alassio committing crimes before they ever go to trial not showing up the sentences have been diminished and now we know even after conviction they have found ways to expand the ability to let prisoners out of jail without fulfilling their full terms of their the kicking the gut it's just a kick in the gut yeah no doubt about eighty thank you so much for the call thanks thanks to bill all right i appreciate the call you know as we were talking about the different aspects of all these different parts of espy ninety one what role do you think crime or potentially legislators votes on this bill or is going to play in this election well i think we're going to probably have to go through a little bit of pershing's process right now we have the powers that be peaking million johncock hill and others are not going to let any changes go through i think it's gonna take a governor who appoints some different commissioners who who will come out and speak about the real concerns of this bill and what it's done and not whitewash it that's what from the top we have to have an honest open debate and a willingness to actually look at the issues instead of trying to do a legislative cya and don't let anything happen to this and don't live any happen to that the handiwork that some people this is their life's work and i gotta tell you it's not a building i'd be proud of having built no no doubt about it it'll be very exciting stay with us the.

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