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All fucked up. Let's just beyond this dumb shit so okay limitations. I was a bad guy. We've we've all done something that we're like damn. I really regret that. And like most of us who. I'm always when these people that i hate to throw down a glass house because i always like to say i'm gonna give somebody that benefit of the doubt till it's repeated behavior right once. It's a repeated behavior. Then i think to myself okay. This person is either narcissistic psychopath. Or he's one hundred percent guilty are a sociopath. That's how i used the word sociopath charles kirk and so for me. It's like one of those things where if the teammates our own yard of the bus than yes. We are failing the women who he's assaulted by then than taking him away from it and if anything a protected him flying him out. While i'm self making them save your but now we're giving you privileged right things they make him wear chastity belts a locker woman right. But now we're also saying that what happened to some of the female fencing Usa team members that he assaulted and now they're having to be in the olympics while they're trying to compete at their peak and they have the stress of this guy being around so now not only. Are we already putting the weight of the olympics on your shoulders. We're telling you that you have to compartmentalize this guy. Who sexually assaulted you. And i don't know if that's the case with with what happened in you're saying let me more. It's there to to what you're saying. There's no crowd which means that the people jarad for her. Yeah he's one of those people charon as as an industry industry the girls so he's wanted to people charon forty america's before defensive team like you fucking. We're already having people like from our last episode. We're talking about mental health in the athlete. And now we're talking about this in the mental health of these athletes. But that's okay but the other things not okay. You're right. I mean and here's the other thing and you made a good point housing about this. You're saying like okay. If he didn't do it like you'd back down to nine go to the olympics and do it for his team to not be a if he care about the earth for the team but yet we just watched half half of america like get onto simone biles about trying to put her teammates. I right knowing that she had the twisties. Which by the way. I did want to say this half you people that want to sit here and call out simone biles and you don't know what the to a dr imagine you're driving a car and you don't know which is award in which way is backwards and the car is just spinning. And now you're asking somebody to go on a balance beam do flips and shit and then she's not knowing where she's at in the middle of the air so now that to you driving down the street and you don't know which way as ford which way it's backwards. That's what it's like to have the twisty so until court with athletes and gymnast and people that have gone through it. Which is why a lot of olympians who you've never even heard about or i'm sorry gymnast who have never made it to the olympics and they get this like you can't control when it goes away so please be quiet if you don't know anything about that. Toby twist asshole. There's a lot of people i know. But he's he's the facial. That's your favorite one. He's momma but there are a lot of people that don't get it 'cause when we knew. Hey well it to be fair. I didn't know what that meant. When she lost head is. But i say that all the time bernie you lose your hits. It's vertigo for a very brief second time. When we're talking about doing a flip in your head can write a balance and knock you out cold or possibly parallels. You doesn't leave last week. Yeah but to be fair. When i first heard it in the media. I didn't know what that was. So i just thought they were using it in the context of regular grammar as she lost her head. While i lose my head all the time i mean. Does that make sense. So so if you if you spin it no pun intended if you spin it that way and i hear twisty it that way. Then i don't. I don't really understand the context of what happened. They do that on purpose. Now i don't wanna get into this so i'm going to make big throws so we definitely care. We agree that allen has just as loser treat people as humans speak human rating and treat people as a fellow human being with the respect and have respect for their mental health whether you understand it or not and stop raping That sounds real easy right. Don't rape girls. I mean. I mean guys get ready to don't rape people on the issue of sexual allegations way over at that one. That's cool because the under simple with sexual allegations joe said go got go Joe biden andrew. Kumo kumo homo cuomo. He should resign and like his brother. Chris cuomo he has a really great show on cnn. It's like he's not a of just brother. Andrew cuomo should resign after an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment I think he should resign by He called from the resign because he believes the governor should be prosecuted after an independent investigation. Found in new york. Governor had harassed current and former state employees Being from new jersey. And tell you. This is not surprising. this is not new would quote motives. Been romans three years. That's why when he stood up as a really good guy for a quarantine he was deep the one that they were looking to to get shit done. Everybody i know from up new york would just like at the people that he should be president. I know you don't know that guy and he's doing pretty good now for kobe. Nineteen is taking care of his people. You post governor. But isn't this is not that great. Really great rep when it comes to that Cuomo has not said if he's going to step down yet But they might be looking to impeach him because he he denied i'm sorry. He denied the findings of the his behavior intended to convey warmth and it was being weaponized so behavior to convey warmth as being weaponize There's a video included with a slide. Show of photos of the governor touching and kissing people include men that so again you. I'm very objective. I can tell that win. Eight so slides. It's like if if the guy's italian believe and you know he kisses people wanna cheek when he greets numb A a lot of people. That do i grew up And i do it sometime. I don't actually a kiss sorry But i have some human. I'd let me and my bro- by mummy gun. He and gonna run on hugging kissing on the cheek. You'd be like to know but on that calls eight eight do that. When eight money puts slide shows that's the stats to me. So i don't like that aspect however just weirder smoke there's fire there's a lot of women who complained about him even before he was governor. Ominous always been shut down. You know he always puts. Just i love your. Is that the best how you are all the time. And you're making people uncomfortable all the time. Change yourself in talking about cuomo cuomo ryan or biden. Whoa not so much about global cuomo biden so that he should resign we know he's the highest ranking democrat and one was a democrat so they always ask them whenever comes like that. They thought on the president's plate regardless of the president because they want soundbite and they wanna box you win with politics so biden front them up and said he should resign. We want to do..

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