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You know, what we're talking about goes online line with Email question. We got from my guy. Sean Siegel in Las Vegas. Sean is a die hard raiders fan. He we're aspirin his question right now. And we talked about the the team taking the jump in his emails. Hey is he loves the podcast of who? Do we think are the guys from the raiders from last year's draft class that shows the most improvement from a year one year two who's gonna take that jump from year? One day, you're too it help the raiders progress. You know, honestly, you I I'll take it from a couple of I think collies is continuing to get really really comfortable playing corner at the NFL level. And I think he's a guy that can particularly be a lockdown corner. I've talked to NFL virus when he was coming out of the draft. And they felt the he was the best corner in the draft that the time they they more. So than Jenkins who had a more team at Ohio State party. Was his team out of more. It actually it was more. Yes. Lattimore more more. So than Lattimore like there was NFL guys thought that he was that guy. Now, I will say I wanna seem I wanna see Colton Miller. Take a job. I think that needs to happen. There's something I want to or I'm like a big Colt Miller fan like you are I'm. That that they said if you get off it's a lie work in right there car's gonna work right, right? Also want is also wanna see overs take that jump. He had a really good year. He showed flashes him in Arctic came really need to take that next step in order for that defense. Attorney corner key needs to get to the quarterback in Finnish versus getting to the quarterback and making maybe move and they complete a quicker pass, right? See I'm with you on that. And really colts Miller, he obvious. He has to get better. He just does. Because that's just as I mean, he was drafted fifteenth overall. He's supposed to be protecting cars blindside. Who knows what's going to happen? Now the Browns there who knows if he kicks into the rights are kicks over to the right side. If Brown goes to the right side, that's all it to Gruden and may Aachen and Tom cable, unfortunately to figure out where they wanna play these guys that's on them. So I'm not even gonna look at Colton Miller because that's the obvious like you mentioned, but more. I four sacks his rookie year this same thing. Cleal maquette his rookie year. So yeah, he he scratched the surface. He showed what he could be. But he has to be a lot better. So I think the mo- hers is a guy that will take a step into twenty nine. I really do think he's going to come back in and show. You know, what he's worth and show raider fans who he really is. Even though a lot of raider fans are already kind of on the hype tray with him knowing that he has a lot more potential than even what he showed in twenty teen and Arden key is a guy that has to has to get better as well. He does. I mean, there's way too many times he got to the quarter. He had one sack. But there are so many times he was back there and just flailed his arms Adam wasn't able to get guys on the ground. So you mentioned that you mentioned finish. That's the key word may he's gotta be able to finish. But those are the ones that I'm really really looking at to make another to make a step forward. And I'll even go further say one more guy that's going to be a dark horse in my opinion. And that's Marcel eightman seventh round draft pick seventh round draft pick out of Oklahoma state. He only had fifteen catches in twenty eighteen had one touchdown for the raiders at twenty eighteen. But I think he could be a guy that really could be a weapon in the red zone..

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