Dianne Feinstein, FBI, VAL discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder


I mean, thank goodness for them, so so this is problematic. But then I'm too it's shows, Feinstein isn't up to fighting the Republicans on the level that they would fight us. I mean, we can't have leaders in the hope is right now who refuse to play hardball. This is we're dealing with the whole ballgame for at least a generation. I mean, you and I are going to have nothing but white hair. By the time we undo some of the damage cavenaugh can do, and she's sitting down information like this, even if you've feel morally that this is just something that can't. This is too old, etc. Etc. We are in this thing for the whole ballgame. You can't sit on information like this. So politically and morally. I think Dianne Feinstein is very problematic in this story. Okay. So let's just, I mean, just so that we're, we're being. Super accurate. The apparently. The woman after interactions with the offices of his shoe and Feinstein decided not to speak about the matter publicly. Okay. Which means that. Either they said, look, this could get really ugly for you. You might as well not do it, or he's gonna go, he's going to sail through or whatever. Now, look, I also think there's a responsibility if you are these members to protect this woman on some level, but but let me just read what we know from this reporting Feinstein declined requests from other Democrats on the judiciary committee to share the woman's letter and other relevant communications, which is interesting too. I don't know what those other relevant communications. Our source familiar with. The committee's activities said that Feinstein staff initially conveyed to the democratic members that the incident was too distant in the past merit public discussion, and that Feinstein had quote taken care of it. That's scudding. It is. And then and then Feinstein only after reporting. And I think largely came from Ryan Grim at the intercept. The Feinstein agreed to brief. The other Democrats on the committee would no staff present on Thursday, Feinstein announced that she'd referred the matter to the FBI. I've received information from an individual concerning the nomination Abrek Cavanaugh the supreme court that individuals strongly requested confidentiality client to come forward to press the matter further. I have honored that decision I have. I have however referred the matter to federal investigative authorities. Now, here's where her story starts falling apart. We're Feinstein story of, I'm just protecting this woman starts falling apart because if protecting that woman still can involve telling the FBI on Thursday, then she should have done it weeks ago. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah, sources familiar with Feinstein's decision suggests that she was acting out of concern for the privacy of the accuser, knowing that the woman would be subject to fierce partisan tax if she came forward. Okay, fair enough. Take that face Val. View, you know. Give her the benefit of doubt. However, then it writes Feinstein also acted out of a sense that Democrats would be better off focusing on legal rather than personal issues in their questioning of cavenaugh. That is effing insane. That's that's crossing competence from a political perspective. She is. She's, I mean, I don't wanna be ages, but isn't she's? She's like one of the older members of the Senate thing. She's like in her late eighties or mid eighties, and and she and only mentioned that not to be, but she's harkening back to more civilized time a more civilized time if there ever was such a thing I think there was, but if there was ever set to more civilized time, then this is some, this is what you would do. This is how you behave. We're not dealing with civilized times right now. We're not dealing with reasonable people and for her to make this move. Just politically, let's set aside her her concerns for her constituent. Okay. Maybe we can give her that, but just politically face by this. This is so incompetent that it really is something that she needs to be. Accountable for and you know, you could argue with civilized times, it was also times, whereas, like, you know. Boys will always will be that type of thing. And you know, she's got a real problem here. She has got a real Feinstein's got a real problem here there. I mean, cabinet has got a problem and Feinstein both have a problem..

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