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He just got his feet wet. So he's not gonna he's not gonna go for the biggest boxer like what an idiot would do that. But he's not fighting scrubs. He's not fighting scrubs. Either i mean okay despite not scrubs out of the woods sent aspirin scrub. He sold it somehow even though he did even know. You know the woods but But this one feels different. I think even like You know the side been kid wrote to. Shaw has said the other day. He's like once this is done. This is the one once this one's done and honestly. I was already kind there with ben before the fight but then ben walked in looking like burger king and i was like he has the same build as me even worse i think you i think you would have been better for sure. But but so so when he got in the ring and then i saw him go down. I was like a kind of have to rethink player. But y'all got woodley's bent scary looking to. He is scary looking. Been and you're like okay. He's a good heat. Can be off and talk about jake's gonna win. Of course. I mean there's a lot of reasons here are few that come to mind tyron woodley. Although very accomplished it is in a different sport. Yup i see that mixed martial arts is not boxing okay. He's thirty nine years old way past his prime. And if it's past four four fights in the losses in the manner in which he lost didn't prove that it did prove that while said what did prove that he is not going to be prepared for how good jake really is the sport. No wanna really is right. I saw benz is when jake hidden with the to to the stomach..

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