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Socialization. I think the Senate and for that is fun. Isn't it? It used to be, how it but I'll tell you one thing, And I know this for a fact. He has absolutely no Right to be saying what he's saying he has no proof. That's just a blatant blanket lie that he's suggesting that people were just willy nilly congregating without mass and creating all this havoc. If you look at the stats, and you look at the contact tracing, that's gone on. There's only been 1 to 2 cases. I believe in the old Commonwealth of Massachusetts tied back to youth hockey. So he's completely false. He's as the experts like to say He's not following the science. He's not following the facts. This is an emotional decision, and if he could just put a thumbprint on on youth hockey Where most of it begins outside of the Commonwealth. And he doesn't look bad to any of the businesses here because in his mind, he's not hurting anybody. He's hurting someone from another state, and I'll say this. This minute, Howie, not one person from the government. I've been on your radio show speaking about this melt multiple times, along with other avenues. Not one person for the government is yet to call anyone of my businesses. And as for my opinion, how can we work together on this? How can we solve this problem I employed over 2400 people in this state and I no one will even answer the call. They still won't answer an email to me. I've reached out more than a dozen times on various occasions. And I'll give you the latest statistics deaths among people under the age of 20 for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts 11 death in all this time. I'll give you Let me give you some other stats here. These are up to date stats just out. 10,017 people dead, confirmed dead in Massachusetts. That's a grim milestone, Wouldn't you say Robert Walker? And of those 10,017 people. 6538 have died in nursing homes regulated by Charlie Baker. Charlie Baker's nursing homes have accounted for two thirds of the deaths. How many deaths have you accounted for? Robert Walker? You in the hospitality industry about zero, right? Zero minus zero. We take it very seriously. We do apart and you can manage this very easily. Howie by operating with just simple common sense. I don't need some government official to tell me how to blow my nose and watch my hands. My mother did that very well for 45 years when I was born. Learned pretty well pretty quick how to take care of myself. Let's play some more of Charlie Baker on hockey. I know there are a lot of hockey hockey dads and hockey moms and young hockey players and just people who don't like being stomped on by by the government for no damn reason. Cut 17. I think all of the states in.

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