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Country with temperatures running a good ten to fifteen degrees below average that's nations whether I'm accu weather meteorologist Matt bands it was on this date in nineteen twelve the British liner RMS Titanic set sail from Southampton England on its ill fated maiden voyage on this date in nineteen sixteen the PGA of golf was founded in New York in this era of social distancing Ave Maria is the focus of a unique performance that story coming up with David Daniel first this is America in the morning at twenty three till I'm John trout the federal reserve said it will pump up to an additional two point three trillion dollars in two segments of the economy to support businesses and state and local governments the chairman of the federal reserve is optimistic that the U. S. economy will recover here's Terry Moore with details fed chairman Jerome Powell took part in a DC teleconference with the Brookings Institution when the spread of the virus is under control businesses will reopen and people will come back to work well stressed a fairly quick rebound is likely later this year once the corona viruses brought under control there is every reason to believe that the economic rebound when it comes can be robust we entered this turbulent period on a strong economic footing and that should help support the recovery he said the fed will continue moving aggressively to help deal with the economic fallout from the virus we have lowered interest rates to near zero in order to bring down borrowing costs we've also committed to keeping rates at this low level until we are confident that the economy has weathered the storm the nation's central bank also announced plans to finance up to two point three trillion dollars in additional economic aid part of that new package will help small and mid sized businesses obtain affordable loans I'm Terry Moore in Washington twenty to tell now the state.

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