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Who how people being hoodwinked into this and so christ almighty this deep was renting maniac. Do not get me onto brexit. Seriously i took on a whole other. Yeah yeah we'll do. What's on but yeah i think. I think it's difficult people to be happy now. Joan in truth we coming through time with with covid anything where we don. How how. that's going to change how that's gonna win or if there's an exit plan because it just so much conflicted information and send it to you wear mustang. Wear a mask. Can you go out go out. Can you can you. Can you go to football. Whatever it might be that people just don't know and so it's no wonder that people are doing to the measure. I understand why not because i. I've been so kind of avidly watching what's going on. And i don't understand some of the rules. I generally can't tell you what some of them all because it so so counter intuitive in some ways changing so frequently as well yeah yeah. It's bound to affect people because you know you lockdown which is unprecedented. You know lots of where we all the time but it will let him through a time of such a painful in the world yeah a worldwide thing that happinesses now one thing i think to make happiness and you've got to make the most of what you have because we gentlemen we're gonna get the rest of your back if it's all. I've got a a bit of a light hearted question. I thought of when you were talking about the horrendous social media in the vitriol that people espoused in put on each other to do with politics and stuff like that. I just wanted whether i could ask you a little bit about right. My plate ceramic plates is a stage of facebook where people put pictures of the clinton re concoctions ever started as being real what he moved into sort of parody in the sense people put the shit like meals. I could people are slaughtered them with with increasingly vitriolic off. It's time but he i i. I became coal forever. Was i was done with the kids. Once i was i was in bad. I think that first operation. And so i just so spent my dyson slaughtering people's food in what i considered to be fairly amusing wise. I didn't call me crazy. A postal deadlock five or six thousand likes and people who are work with people you know sending me patients of food saint gone slagging off. It's kinda weird when somebody worked for where you money is gone like this food getting. Yeah you don't want to do. This isn't gonna reflect it jumped. The shark shot phrase run. Yeah joe jim sharpe means joint from. I don't rise with people say now. Jump the shark going too far. It's generally shawket from happy days with the funds. Happy seven in happy feet for some reason. Water film by the way. Wow nice cream be nice. Film penguins anything. Well obviously so now. I watch regular but anyway. So does it. Episode where the funds on seth boat and over a shock and so that forever became the point where dot series. Jump the shark. So you here. You mentioned about pushbikes buying this stuff to youtube anyway. I'm there was a point where i eight. Just stop being funny because people would start slagging off stuff this same bullshit of anyway. One day i was sidelined and thought dot looks terrible. Us logged off on is slow today. I remember what it was a. It was like a pie of the thing is it wasn't right my plate someone's actual lunch and i didn't realize a somebody. I knew. I just actually actually told that that lunch salutes a ribbons and it was like it was horrible. I was like saying you know. I've seen bad things called mechat saw and you know something about when these phone samaritans and it was just somebody on. Yeah he wasn't. I apologize instead of a message saying list. I'm real anybody deleted after that. My word got to finish off jay. You spoke about one of the most intense limited space is probably really talks about intensive pass journey. If you have five minutes with just so in that time will what what would you say to j. And that time i think that it's the same that same thing site to off friends who are struggling various reasons on the same thing that i i try to ratio on the worst thing is is that when talking to other people whether you know historically in this prophecies a that you have to be somebody can lesson because no advice to anybody at that point the best thing to lesson because he tried proffered opinion always comes down to cheer up buron. Don't worry i'm on. That's not what anxiety or depression as you know. It's it's it's it's real and tangible never ever for me might be bipolar whether it be schizophrenia. Every whether it be generally pressure to disorder all those different things things is it's real and his very real in that moment and nothing you can say to. Anybody is going to make that go away. It just doesn't and think that people looking from the outside and often say like a bullet making say cheer up. We try again a hobby. This kind of stuff that it's all pass i in cliche h worse and for me. The only thing that i can say is anybody less than unto. Anybody who's who's struggling as is tempering. I've done how long it will last. And it's not going to be never as easy but it doesn't last forever. Yeah the.

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