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A drunk and a pill popper he's also he's hitler's dr we played you that clip from joe scarborough yesterday we're morning joe joe scarborough compared him to hitler doctor because he gave a glowing report of president trump and the drunken crew on morning joe and i am convinced that they start their day completely hammered the hitler's doctor with a brooklyn accident bro so he's gone from president obama saying and i quote a most impressive leader who continues to perform at every level he's earned my confidence and when president obama said genuine enthusiasm boys under pressure incredible work ethic and fall through he's gone from that to dr feelgood drunk mc drunk inside and hitler's personal physician the only thing that's changed it all these years is that he's now trump's doctor and trump's nominee that's it that's the only thing that's changed and i don't know about you but i'm of the opinion that if my doctor is more fun than i am i have to fire my doctor that's sort my standard i use you know if my doctor parties harder than i do then i know that we've got a problem which is why dr mazuz my personal physician dr anthony mass rally because most he'll have a sip and i mean a sip of moscow which is basically sugar juice it's like sugar in white grape juice and then a swirled around and they go oh it's wine as the alcohol content of negative eighteen percent that's why he's my doctor because i know in the middle of the night if i need mas he's not drunk i am that's the point i want my doctor to be less fun than me and all my friends i want my doctor to be able to save my friends if need be i don't want my doctor partying with my friends.

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