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From the National Transportation, Safety board is on its way to the, scene of a deadly tour bodak a. Tour boat accident on a lake in southwestern Missouri eleven people at least are known to. Have been killed ABC's Dave Packer with the latest the vessel capsized during a storm on table rock lake a popular resort area just outside of Branson passengers. In the water stolen county sheriff Doug Rader. Is actually the. Son county sheriff's deputy on the boat She was in the water rescue people thirty one people were on board rethinks at this, time that we have probably around five people still missing high winds, forcing rescue efforts to be suspended overnight, resuming this morning Dave Packer ABC news over a dozen people are reported her after. A, string of tornadoes rips through central Iowa community city marshal town got, hit, the, worst national weather service says top two buildings are gone vehicles are strewn and trees have been uprooted all over Marshall town. At least ten people for taking the hospital another person accusing. A Franklin county judge of sexual misconduct is scheduled to testify, today in Columbus the first, of two women who say judge Timothy Horton sexually harassed, them spoke before the court of professional conduct, yesterday were accused of two counts of. Campaign law violations and faces a removal from the bench found guilty Five thirty four now on NewsRadio six ten WTVN Another meeting between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Apparently is in the works White, House confirms it President Trump told national. Security adviser John Bolton to invite Putin to Washington this fault in Helsinki Trump agreed to ongoing working-level. Dialogue between the two Security Council staffs. Trump administration slowly reuniting immigrant children with their parents in a court filing administration says it has returned to three hundred sixty four children of the over. Twenty five hundred who were separated from. Their parents Trump administration is facing a court order July twenty six deadline to reunite. Children over age five with their mothers and fathers and Mark Wahlberg, is getting into the car. Selling business in Columbus Doug Buchanan. At Columbus business first, tell WTVN Woody Johnson the stars acquired Bobby, layman Chevrolet on west broad street with. Help from his business partner is going to be as I car dealership we looked into a little. Bit though he does have a lot. Of business interests on the side and actually one of them led to this because he's got a chain of restaurants called wall burgers and there are. Two of them in Ohio there's one. In Cincinnati Cleveland and the dealership will now be called Walberg.

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