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His mother and volleyball's something cool to see there but talk about something talked about a quote that kevin durant said after they won. The gold medal was saying that quote. This skill is on match talking his trash saying that he thinks everyone every country to that. Help down this effort to really close to the next level. And i'm glad to see that these guys notice that they had a target on their back. Obviously with your say basketball. Going back to the dream team and the redeem with no lebron. Toby and mj magic and bird. Zeffirelli different type of mentality that you see now obviously social media and technology eventually nowadays. But i'm glad to see that these guys actually took it seriously and add up. I'll get into. Gold attended day and it was so mentioned at the beginning of the day you know. I was confident. In the fact that the men's and women's basketball team would walk away would walk away with the gold even though demand seemed to be a little bit and experience a deathly habitat to do so but to move on here with the next headline the olympics on usa waterpolo team women's water polo team defeat spain. A win gold for their third straight time in the olympics. Women's water polo definitely on gannett dan their goalkeeper johnson doing the most out of a princeton university. I saw her play a little bit on considering being immersed here it's division to school for water polo and seeing her play. Olympia and play was definitely a different feeling. She definitely got it done for this team. Spain only scored five goals to the as what fourteen or fifteen goals so shows you how dominant she is and how dominant this woman's team as along with nike stephens. And all of them. So i'm excited to see how much longer dominance for the women's water bowl team will be a men's water pose a little different. They did medal in the olympics. Unfortunate on serbia walked away with the golden that Perspectives philip sleep on one of the best water polo players. If not the best player left-hander on walked away with another gold medal. Greece of was over. That hungary was braun. So no surprise there. Even though greece greece gets over and the not usually known for meddling in the olympics opposite serbia hungary maybe a montenegro or spain or italy owned department. But it's going to be a long time coming for this. Usa squad on there really young. Some of these guys who graduated college just got out of the college environment but on the next guy's obviously trying to get some experience under their belt. I'm trying to get more club. Play internationally wise because water pull in america. These is that big to the point where you have multiple club teams in different parts of the country but internationally wise. You know. that's a different story. But i'm some more headlines from the olympics allyson felix wins a gold into four by four hundred meter relay. This makes her. I'm the most decorated american track and field monthly and ever after passing car lewis She was joined on the team. By sydney mclaughlin the nelia mohammed and a team mu causing the finish line in three minutes and sixteen point five seconds and then moments after the woman won't go into four by four hundred meter relay the men's dominated a four by four hundred meter relay in gold as well on the team made up of michael cherry. Michael bormann a bryce deadman and arrive. Benjamin finished in a time of two minutes. Fifty five seconds fifty five point seventy seconds and then moving on here and really. The final thing to talk about here in the olympics was that japan defeated usa for the first ever olympic gold medal in the sport. But the main thing to look at this Going forward here. That next is baseball will not be played in the twenty twenty four olympics in paris. So who knows when baseball be back at the olympics blood. For now i'm japan has won the might be the last Gold medal sport but talk about some other moments as well. I'm seeing jamaica. Go one two and three and the hundred years spread was certainly something to look back and enjoy also talk about you know the olympic races four by one hundred meter. Medley relay in the olympics. Ferdinand side elise. You know they didn't lose that event at all and they're in lane.

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