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How long did you hold for that child hello look at your phone right now look your phone looking okay your phone my dude and tell me how long you been holding the minute what a great back in Utah dot sixteen minutes forty three seconds of your day so that you could try so you could try to get some more past the master come on dude but man I love you guys that much I do have a question for you on what do you think about great thank I think it's disgusting and I think I heard that the Malahide in there well I don't think much about it I think if you if if that's what you have to do to put out cigarettes then okay then then then vape I'd rather have somebody faith and smoke if you know it's it's an approved methodology forgetting cannabis and your long so if you want to smoke whatever the VA to says smoke whatever the vape uses I've dropped my anti vape stance because I don't want to shame anyone back in the smoking yeah but don't blow those clouds on any bill yeah don't don't Chuck Chucky clouds can you check a cloud join get those clouds I don't like candy all right they some right your mom from the bomb like John he's a good time Charlie it's mass don't smoke it's nothing but gonna be dead soon I'm gonna write a tune and then I'll take a little get that big choose a gold get it at the flea market many flavors.

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