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Black lives matter stands for? And of course we talked about and upcoming projects for her monies. I really hope you enjoyed this candid conversation with Chelsea here it is. Chelsea Lynn done welcome to govern Bam. I love the Hebron. Having me and six should have been drinking cafe. Right I should have no. I have a lot of a lot of people that don't drink coffee. Okay, perfect, so it's not a requirement to be here. Actually funny. Is that as a kid? I used to put Coca Cola in Coffee Mug, so that I looked like I was drinking coffee with my mom so. By, Majoring coca-cola's Cola's not have coffee Mug, but I couldn't imagine like Cold Bernabeu. Exactly, how it works, it works so Chelsea. How are you were talking? In the middle of a pandemic in the middle of black lives matter? Let's keep it to what it is. The week after George Floyd was murdered. It's been heavy in. It's. It's really hard because like for me. I have so many mixed feelings because all this is going on, and then also the end of the dodgers happened. I know why we're worried about. About the pandemic in covet in our families, and all that, and then with him getting murdered, and then again there's multiple black people that were murdered recently, but then the protests in you know the fact that it went viral, and all that going on, and then as I'm like literally like crying, watching the news and then I'm also like getting messages that Omega episode is Great. I'm so happy on this and I'm like oh my. My God thank you, but then I'm like crap. Like should I be celebrating this? But then it's also a celebration, but it's also not because now it's over so with that morning. Period of like this is officially the end. Yeah I had a breakdown I think it was on Friday. Night would last week two days before the finale was officially out, it was so many emotions going on and I I was definitely Volk on. On social media and I was like Yo. You have every right to fill whatever you're feeling. Don't let anybody police how you feel. We all don't know we all are lost, and we're all in this to get lost together, so don't feel alone. And I sent a Marco Polo crying so the cast of Yom like I just wanted you to know that love you so much and like at the end of the day I know. It was funny like there are UK. I am now so yeah. It's definitely been a crazy weekend a half two weeks since all this craziness has happened I know I think it's an intense year twenty twenty. So I know everyone's like. Can we restart this? Can we this or can we that well you know I? Think it's one of those things where there's a comedian that made a joke. Someone was taking. It was Chris Rock I. Think he said Bush Galas Obama. Then trump is going to bring us Jesus. You know what I mean like. They were going to be taking care of you know and it's like the darkest before dawn and brutality has been happening all the time for years and years and years, and it's been talked about before, but. The way it played out as Saturdays at George Floyd had to give his life to hopefully help the next generation, and you know the black community now and I really just hope that people grow from this,.

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