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The forty two year old Thompson leaves behind his wife, Sarah and three young kids Archer Madison and pepper. My son goes to school there. And he said it was just overwhelming and really moving to see that much law enforcement on campus. And and that's the campus where deputy Thompson attended college. Lots of healing to take place in that community. Komo news time five ten and we turn our attention to sports on this home opening day for the Mariners at their newly named T mobile park. Taking on the Boston Red Sox and the Mariners trailing early but coming back to take three to lead with that game in the top of the third day. And we're going to talk a big picture regarding the Mariners with Jen Mueller of root sports in just a moment. The other big sports story today in our part of the country the Gonzaga BULLDOGS March madness Sweet Sixteen matchup against the Florida state Seminoles with that game being played down in. In Anaheim, added halftime the zags with a thirty eight to twenty seven lead ROY Moore leading the with ten points along with Josh Perkins. Who also has contributed ten it's been a fairly quiet first-half for one Brandon Clark, just four points and two blocks and you'll recall the last time out against Baylor Brandon with a thirty six points and five blocked shots. But so far so good for the eggs against a team. They lost to last year in the Sweet Sixteen. Komo news time five eleven one on the way swinging to fly ball. Well, hit left-center going back.

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