President Trump discussed on KC O'Dea Show


The president also brought up the corona virus I think that whole situation will start working out a lot of talent a lot of rain showers being put behind it is requesting Congress give two and a half billion dollars in new funding but house speaker Nancy Pelosi calls an overdue and completely inadequate the day after the Dow plunged a thousand points over corona virus fears are stock market futures are rising even as more cases are reported beyond China nearly a thousand in South Korea and there are other countries fox's Simon known as more live dates Spanish authorities putting in a hotel in the Canary Islands in quarantine some one thousand tourists are said to have been prevented from leaving after a gas tested positive for the virus that gas comes from Milton exiting the epicenter of Europe's first major outbreak meanwhile Iran announcing new infections including the head of the government task force charged with tackling the virus Iran counting fifteen deaths more than any country apart from China Dave seven former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak has died nine years after he was ousted from power in massive pro democracy protests in the Arab spring he was then jailed and convicted of corruption freedom twenty seventeen Mubarak was ninety one when he died today America's listening to fox news connected continues with one oh six one FM talk police in Durham or searching for the suspect to ambushed and robbed a customer in the parking lot of the B. B. and T. bank near research triangle park Monday investigators say the suspect was waiting in a stolen car for the victim to come out of the bank witnesses told police the robber fled on foot dropping cash as he ran so far no arrests a man wanted in connection to a Bladen county triple murder is in jail to Rian Johnson turned himself in Monday is accused of shooting four people in the Clarkston community one victim survived if you were one of the thousands of people lost power last night in Winston Salem you have a car crash to thank a vehicle took out a utility pole on north peace haven road lights are all back on this morning Duke energy is unveiling plans to remove eighty million tons of coal ash Richard styling reports the department of environmental quality held a public hearing last night at north Rowan high school to address questions related to plans for the bucs team station another hearing will be held for the Marshall steam station and Rogers energy complex at chase high school in forest city tonight Duke we moving the call asked to lined landfills which is expected to cost billions of dollars I'm Richard selling sports the canes are home tonight against Dallas Raleigh mayor Mary Ann Baldwin is proclaimed this David Ayer's day is the forty two year old emergency backup goalie who blocked eight shots in Saturday's win over Toronto college basketball Duke and Wake Forest face off tonight in Winston Salem the blue devils are twenty three and four after they fell one spot to seventh in this week's coaches poll also tonight North Carolina welcomes NC state that one has a nine o'clock tip off will carry.

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