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You always win in dallas than lose it on. I think they lose. Okay two and three rams week six loose. Oh god we're two and four o. panthers home. This feels like a wind. Possibly they win three and four week. Eight at chiefs monday night. No they get this over three and five. then yet. The raiders at home in week nine. That's a win. Rate is i think are not going anywhere anywhere strong i i do not worry about the race me that all right. So you're foreign five. You're heading into a by you. Come out of the by at tampa monday night. No they'll lose four foreign seven. I feel like that could be the game where they actually brady throws four thousand. Six brady throws four packs. Everybody says brady's washed and then he ends up winning every game. They're not even crazy enough to think they win there. Although i think is going to have a tough year than people think i do know giants stuff right at i was bathing. You and then Week twelve eagles home as a win. Eagles gonna have the worst all right so you five and six at miami at chargers back to back. Are they split them all right. You're six and seven home. Dallas win seven and seven ninety one of these next three at eagles at chicago home washington. I win two of those three. See your nine and eight there. you go. that's what. I'm figure how confident a lot to do like that. I didn't give them a crazy win. I don't think they're going to win. A chance of city first of all kansas city is going to win the whole thing make the case. I wanna hear that. listen. I think andy had do. He got very lucky. Last year. the thing with his son was a nightmare when it happened was a nightmare but more than that. The injury all sorts of wine when they happen where things he couldn't fix. But here's what i thought handy really blew it and even in that game and said i don't care that we can't walk them wilder run our offense and we're just gonna make lost that we're going to break plays down sealed so when the game you know what they found out mahomes as good as he is clinton do that when he couldn't get any help the line of scrimmage and they never made an adjustment didn't make in just the second half they didn't come out the things that we thought they would do to change things in the second half and even shepherd challenged. Do some stuff and said. Are you going to do this. The whole game and mahomes was on the run. A couple of balls could have been caught. We know they he made mason throws that could have been caught. They were dropped. The bottom line is he had a rough day. He thought that he could live with the passing game. Even though he had no sense of wine you went out. He spent his whole rebuilding offensive line as all he did. He has skill everywhere else. I think they are impossible to stop. I think buffalo was the second best team in the afc. I think i was wrong about josh allen. I admit it. I've never a player. I didn't i think he's ever gonna be accurate and accuracy. Something a quarterback has to have the as built themselves into a wonderful player. I was i admit i'm dead wrong about alan I didn't like them like this. A lot of people I think didn't but women now maybe they will. But i admit that i was long about him. That gene is really good I don't think plus a win. Engender city i think the chiefs will go back to the super bowl again. And they will win this chiefs five to one chiefs over under his twelve and a half chiefs to win. The conference is plus two fifty. I am i haven't made my Like.

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