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Especially compared to a big brass orchestra and the electric guitar did not have the volume and power to to get out there. And you know, les Paul wanted to be a star. And he knew that if he could get a louder clearer electric guitar sound that it would help him become a star. So tell us about the log then and the inspiration for what he called the log. Yes. So less was living in New York at the time playing with the famous radio orchestra and on Sunday afternoons, he would go down to this episode instrument factory this guitar factory on fourteenth street in Manhattan, and he had talked to owners they're into giving him sort of access to the workshop, and he built a guitar out of a four by four solid block of wood, basically as I say, it's like a fence post, and it was just a solid chunk. It was horrible looking. I mean, it looked like a mutant kind of guitar. He took it to a club out in queens where he lives and played a for crowd. Didn't get that much reaction. Even though it sounded completely different. Then he's souped it up. A little gave these kinds of wings that made it look more like a traditional guitar and suddenly people realize how this is a really radical instrument. This is amazing. I'm unless learned as he put it that audiences listen with their eyes in so how did this become adopted? I mean, you're you're saying that people are starting to recognize the potential of it, but he needed to be able to mass produce it in some way. But his initial attempts to do that were as I understand it they failed so less had tried to convince the Gibson electric guitar company the Gibson guitar company, which was then the foremost American maker of of guitars to build something like the log and the Gibson exects just laughed at him. And so basically that was the state of affairs for the next ten years until in southern California people like Leo Fender and another man in Paul big started building even more radical designs for the kind of country western players of postwar, Los Angeles. That's where the Fender story. Kind of comes in Leo had built a similar sort of solid body prototype. Mutant thing. And then there are a number of sort of developments came and Leo Fender ended up producing the first commercially available solid body electric guitar in nineteen fifty one. What's the best song for us to hear Leo fenders solid body guitar especially in its early stage. Ooh. One of the examples that you gave us a best. That's the number number two Bernard blues, which is this is Leo offenders favorite group. Bob, wills and his Texas playboys and this guitar player junior. Barnard was a guy who's guitar Liam modified back in the late forties. It shows you kind of where this music the music that this instrument came out of..

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