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The shorter the president's coattails get particularly among the voting blocks that decide elections in swing states. Such as i dunno georgia arizona wisconsin michigan and pennsylvania. Oh and by the way this is according to a washington post columnist. Henry olsen biden's numbers. This is not a precursor bland tidings his numbers with independence continue to crater his five poll average among independence from a recent realclearpolitics poll. Thirty four point two percent approval fifty seven a total disapproval. Now if you're keeping score biden harris and where calmly. These days has dropped thirty. Six points among independents overall their ten points lower than president. Barack obama was at this point this very same point in his presidency now among the president's problems rising inflation. Oh no. There's no inflation plastic misdirection. We all know there's inflation. We feel it every time we go to the grocery store or we go to fill our tanks with gas rampant crime gas prices afghanistan under taliban control southern border completely out of control the supply gene jane crisis that is threatening christmas shopping and consumer prices and a worker shortage. You even have former president. Obama coming to president biden's aid is president biden is increasingly leaning upon him for guidance. Many say what the president needs to do what is old boss did and did so. Well just get out there and sell the hell out of this bill but Biden side of a very very scripted. And well a very contained event here in there. It's not it's not exactly engaging with us is and ask for doing a one on one interview with a major broadcast news outlet. Well the president has done exactly one of those in the past. Eighty three days at this point biden pelosi. They're not believable on cost not credible on execution and they're not even being remotely truthful about how this bill is going to be paid for and until that messaging somehow improves as bill won't even end up being worth the paper that it's printed on the great edward r murrow. Cbs news once said. And i think no truer words. I've ever been spoken to be persuasive. We must be believable to be believable. We.

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