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With Ticketmaster now score grade one hundred percent guaranteed seats all season long at Ticketmaster dot com slash lightning ticket master the official marketplace of the NHL these he is the lightning radio lady of a three one lead his name is just past the halfway point the lady already have thirty shots on that I love it the more shots the better stars without a weapon well the lady even done a real good job defensively to provide an event all the flowers action in the second period anyway yeah played very well Tyler Johnson erotic box to the left of would get over it is busy today we've been good office is closer than ever those early days he made the first few minutes right Johnson wins the the stop he in the slot wants to Mitchell Stephen teleporter Stevens is checked by Alexey act and exiting as we call it a center Coble posited radic fox will get to it in the right corner across a carving out a lot more like the fox a record Reddick box by that find a center it for he intercepts and jobs not Tyler Johnson Johnson speeding up the middle out across the bloody red Opel check for he's good his radic boxset dumping it back to bureau he Skinner the Dallas so nice out a cold the right wing the wanted in three one lighting up the second route the near side is it out Tyler Johnson wax it does go back to his own your quarter but the Ted right we Mitchell Stephens deflected it later getting a change eight twelve left the second three one white Windell right wing John Klingberg pass an ice block by Marubeni gets right back to cling Burke the walking in the lighting zone I think we're gonna want circles Jack my turn act nice we got it all wrong we'll roll it too young to gord open late in your corner they all hurried out of the zone for that to go to sure acted there was perfect rob the raid of the dell for hints that is broken up by maroon jadi gore look dyslipidemia was an offside position stars to get IT Klingberg leveling Esalen del rosters degree ana the ladies all right circle shot deflected wide right the rebound picked up by Dennis story out of the right corner cycles across eastern acts gonna get to this and he rolls it out of the soda pop or at the end of a shift here maybe I'll hit gory things in life to get a partial change Bruce these out to pressure the pocket on the far side but it's grab my Sakara for Segan Segan dumps it out of the zone picking it up is Betty got to stick with the migrated point nicely dot point though turns it over it's taken away by saccharine the lighting so he got his pocket pick my shot and here comes out right what is that a strong game tonight a lot of the little across one could drop right circle who shot you against the point circle rated point out a circuit judge what circle centerpoint Kucherov shoots blocked and off the block it to flex out of place six fifty seven left in the second three one lightning war I'll tell you what Channon opportunity there he's worried at the top of the face of circles right in the middle tried to make a pass to things that last year he shot it he shot a not thank you we're trying to be too fancy one of the other Sorel you'd see into the rate a hood open what he probably deserved to be off more than two absolutely right I seen here Sagan once the face up he's going to try to clear good keep Jack Kirk right point right circle it's caloric cost a stay at the seraglio of circle you know it stamp goes like one Steven Stamkos the left went circuit Jeff circle stamp goes spinning and he's gonna stay close open love circle I think it brought suit save made by Google bit Remus water up my Alexi active service good save great move by stamp goes to get loose her signature back for stamp goes up the middle across the blood right circle stamp goes got his pocket picked by boxer will turn around a lot of the middle set it alight exult the world by the tail the net shot for cuts it off pass block by Kagato Jack Kirk retrieves it again and slips it out to courted center lord of the middle class once a really low point I slid stamp goes in a traffic jam deals for court right circle of make a safe place wanna get deep by the Dallas now six oh three left in the period three one lady Klingberg website Alan radic box across space to Alexi acted center we all fired and it'll Stevens picks it up what kind of Johnson right wing the card ever he will force it into the Dow's defensive zone John Klingberg retrieved by the stars that fight a pop into the near corner and leave deli just did get to it returns going for the center pressure and he turns it over Stephen to steal a circle of circle for he he without a pass gets it again don't sit for Tyler Johnson left corner well server he sued support the wide left Stevens on the rebound by that but you were still very economical back to Victor Hedman lapointe centerpoint Johnson no return fee for head it is blocked intercepting is Dickinson bill we've got to set a decent Dickinson marches into the lighting so let's circle shot missed but I Y. left remember the right point a call as in the lighting their corner tickets it is there selected for yet marquee collided with global that allows for he does speak with the puck little Furuta Hilton head made of beings within five minutes left in the period three one lighting here's Roman Polack at the Dallas so I want to get to center ice again marquee deflected bass once he turns it into the near corner and had been for gore to the middle pocket good one on set out to center ice Patel's he pops it the other way for you and mark Dr Joe propels the office staff and scooped up by park at the center ice your record is after winter high slot will take it right circle gourd slots it behind at maroon Kamerun his jacked lost the handle as its grab my yet market turns it out of his older there's turn back to retrieve it the L. with right back in three one lighting of the second secretary Cleary's unsuccessful hold it turned out great point right circle maroon away by yet marquee deflected out retrieving it though at center ice big data for current act back from route is dumping went off the stick of saccharine delighting Betsy where they have the space of Zechariah standing right the blue line left in the second three one lighting ylighting radio it's time to pump up the line with our newest and refreshing flavored rum yet but Carty line.

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