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To team with Xfinity a proud sponsor of the Detroit Tigers his name but in part by north along with the official lumber yard the Detroit Tigers radio network no score in does not give it to deface the twenty six year old native of Johnson City Tennessee Daniel Norris let your back in the leadoff spot the right hander takes a baseball strike one ninety sort of try to get the numbers any works fast if you know to an eight of forty nine ER ray more later Jeez fast ball up in a way one and one trout in up in the follow here in the first hundred six and two thirds of these are twenty four hits ninety strike as twenty seven base on balls one start against the angels earlier Fletchers Whitey who's better against righties he takes a strike on the outside corner changeable way in motel you took lost five innings five hits three runs two walks to strikeout is on an upward arc right now there's no question about it Serena fell out of playing changeable way again one ball two strikes account remains last time out of Seattle the the did not is not involved in the decision but June third innings with very good two runs five is one walk a strike as very good very efficient wasn't a swing in a foul fastball low in the way and Fletcher good job crawling all this a team that's very tough to get the swings and misses it been trending up for Daniel Norris getting more swings and misses fun to watch the attacks leaders puts everything into it angels just don't strike out the one to ground ball up the middle backing down the in between hot by back in mid second behind second base lipstick such a good play on a hard hit ball one up and one down then hit the mount is probably a base it back I'm the middle because it's about the beard over protective a little back and staff let the body to sixty seven with five home runs right through ninety seven with thirteen home runs off because of north a group of forty Gardi falls in Chuck Norris I love what it calls in the I mean it is all yeah but it's just because he always wants to be in there you always want to grab a bat and hit if they need to pinch it always was swing into fell straight back Mike trout at the plate do the Tigers have the secret recipe I was just moved to this up I can't Mike trout you don't want to jinx the Tigers no I am I I didn't hear that if I had the power to doing yeah I would use it in much better weights minute anymore in many more ways yes is a pitcher away I really do wish I had that power because one be talking about how good the opposing pitcher was every time I tried to make a lot more money change of low and away but the Tigers really I mean it's impressive what they did against the best hitter in the game with my box let's face it these two for sixteen against Tigers pitching this year to harmless hits and in his career lowest OPS against any team is against the Tigers there's a change of that's a good pitch he froze Mike trout in a two one what a pitched him it's a good bet you've been using it more also I think he's he he feels more couple now bring with that change up and it's a good one is right one for seven in this series for drow the two two fastball away doesn't mean it is not gonna get a hit but but many others say that he will pretty simple yeah it's pretty good but you have to appreciate what the Tigers have dialogue with amazing real three to swing a temp file more than a few times in we've seen how your face in the very best to bring judge jury gaming does concentration level because of maybe just a notch and I want to I wonder maybe less that little bit of you never know what you would think that with my throat is just too good and you said he's the best if you say you just said my truck might let down a little bit about this three two slider is in he will draw his walks he will get on base and he draws a walk here but you don't really mind that I mean he he didn't give any minute pretty good pitch there didn't get drunk that's all that's right a yeah I agree with you didn't give into it does he can hurt you in a hurry and this afternoon I would say the ball is going to be jumping well not live there I know because it's a day game with you in the know even know which makes no sense to me this has been playing more hitter friendly than usual this year talk about angel stadium Justin Upton at the plate trying to get the bad going in an injury shortened year miss two and a half months toe injury and then came back in after a few weeks went didn't go on the injured list but he missed another week with a quad injury he takes strike one from Daniel Norris maybe a change up to work with district one line drive left field coming over any Ian radius makes the catch this fascinating talking with when Hardie about his confrontation with up in the other day with the bases loaded he threw on seven pitches six change of so no one was in the structure of the one forty four was further away sixty you could tell him the change that was common in a good lay off but so good it was it is interesting Jimmy said on the seventh pitch you really want to throw the change of but he was really glad that Hicks put down fast ball because then he could shake that's right and then put that doubt in Upton's mind about well that's right yeah a lot of time from a catcher standpoint you actually do without a vehicle like this that you know Jake you want to shake yeah is it a V. if you put down change of orders shakes all the way around again will range of right is the little cat and mouse game which I find endlessly interesting is Calhoun takes a pitch in the dirt but he knew he was going to throw another change of you just want to be able to shake right anytime you could put the phone on the little blind a little thought of that when I say about thank you.

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