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No one news now and your team brazil fear weather this here's your forecast with jennifer lob with those north wind below average temperatures continue already dipping in the '60s and mid 70s and many spots and we'll go as low as the upper 50s the even the '60s tomorrow morning so bundle up again tonight but actually below average and we're seeing a few a records on top for us and we could see that again because of the north wins ushering in all of that cold air and you see it time as those winds will be gusty anywhere for about ten or twenty five miles per hour now will carry on in a few showers as well right now i owed were seen some gusty conditions over big island summit a wind advisory coming out of the west's about thirty five to fifty five miles per hour gusting upwards on the summit's to 65 so definitely a windshield there mona care this morning was in the 20th so feeling like the teens as you would wake up blood sick at look at what's going on right now you see the ripple in the clouds just upstream of us a good indication of the cold air we will continue to see this trend the next couple of days and the cool air will continue to bring in there's temperatures dropping in the fifties and sixties as we head into the next several mornington back and just a few showers writing in the big picture shows you are high pressure fan is going to be in charge a switch in the winds as we go into the next couple of days the trade winds taking over but they're going to be very gusty stormy seas out there on the northshore dropping with that while that just came through eight to ten three to five cleaners that's coming our way on the west side and two to three seals small pulls doing as well in two to four unease facing shores temperatures tomorrow below oh uh uh again hovering in the '70s in some spots and some spots reaching the.

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