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On will speaking in english so there was nothing and at one point any kind of lifted youth wearing just jeans and like uh some kind of a i don't oppose us t shirt or something he kinda lifted a shirt i don't know if you're trying to show that he didn't have a weapon on them what uh he was very agitated very angry hannity get that close to nick by me well the so the whole reason for that is because martha ford without practice today so we'll martha fort shows the it's kind of like the emperor and star wars like all the security people goal with her and um so she was in the middle there have been three practice will now she was right in the middle of the center one so um the security people were closer to her and normally when she's not there to security people hover around the gate area um so in this instance it was really nobody berry closer the with the security guy i i'm guessing less than a couple of hundred feet away from the from the gate so when he came in you know like i said an employee will right up to within ten seconds um and then security guy came after that and then more security people came and they they offered him down literally long driveway by the facility find on a normal day you can't even get that close yatta normal day as the gator is closed it's not locked usually but it's close they're usually security personnel within a few feet at i gate so they would have hurt him approaching you know stopped him said who are you would you have credentialed so i'm assuming that security is gonna be a uae tighter yao it a he had only he takes one to do that they arrested the union did you find out about that we don't know we called deborah kerr called the i'll park police department who said very little just a the in their sown baked investigating the incident apparently from cops were in the parking lot at some point um.

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