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That are trending on this Wednesday morning. The California Senate has voted to allow special banks to handle money from legal marijuana retailers, recreational marijuana use has been legal in California for about a year and a half, but it's still illegal under federal law. That means licensed marijuana retailers can't use traditional banks because federal law makes it a crime for banks to handle money from criminal activity that includes federal drug laws, the state, Senate voted thirty five to one on Tuesday to pass a Bill that would create cannabis limited charter banks. And limited charter credit unions. They could accept cash deposits and issues special purpose checks that retailers could use to pay their taxes rent or to pay vendors or to purchase bonds or other debt. The Bill now heads to the assembly for consideration. Greg fishermen news ninety three point one. KFC. K. And northern California is imposing a ban on growing hemp to protect legal, cannabis businesses. The trinity county board of supervisors and acted the temporary ban on industrial hemp to protect plant that just a few years ago, they spent money to eliminate the hint van might be permanent. Hundreds of Kaiser employees picketed at the Roseville hospital yesterday accusing Kaiser of moving away from their union partnership is one of three rallies, that will be held this week, union members will pick it at Kaiser's Sacramento hospitals today and tomorrow. Kaiser Permanente officials say the pickets are not strikes inpatient care will not be affected. They say they will continue to work with the union in order to provide high quality, affordable healthcare, more than fifty five thousand union Representative Kaiser health care workers are holding rally statewide over the next month that trial of navy seal Edward Gallagher is scheduled to begin next Tuesday in San Diego. And now his wife is speaking out, special operations chief is accused of a war crime stabbing to death, a teenage Islam estate prisoner. Iraq. Andrea Gallagher says her husband is not guilty of a crime and says what this is about is retaliation by fellow navy seals. Crimes case. It started out that fed up by navy seals that were millennial that were under my husband. And when they served in battle, my husband had called them out for power to Gallagher's wife says they're prepared for next week's trial and will continue to fight for the truth. No matter what the president decides to do about a report of the possible part, and then his case clip, Albert ninety three point one KFB k now time to get caught up in the national stories from ABC on this Wednesday morning. Nancy.

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