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Three times a day at blocks the absorption would cluster on such fat from your food. And that's a good thing. You could take it along the lower your cholesterol, it absolutely works. Or you could take it. What you're studying drugs. You could do it either way. So here's another study. This is a Washington University school of medicine. Published in the journal the American journal clinical nutrition, which is the journal of the American society for nutrition. And they took people at high cholesterol and gave them cheryl's two thousand milligrams a day. And lowered their bed cholesterol significantly lowered their LDL cholesterol significantly. But here's the thing. It showed how it worked. It blocked the absorption of cholesterol from your food by up to thirty percent on average at blocked the absorption of cholesterol from their food by twenty five percent. And it increased the excretion of cholesterol from their intestines by seventy four percent. So that's mechanistic. I mean approves that they work. So here's the hospital day Powrie, Hoppy two-day Powrie. It's in Paris, France. Current medical research. Two thousand three hundred and Seventy-six Parisians with high cholesterol. Their average age was fifty six. They put them on stairwells and their total cholesterol dropped by eleven percent. They're good cholesterol increased by eight percent and their bad cholesterol fell by fifteen percent. I have a lot of studies like that. I have a lot of studies like lifetime. So here's a review it's in a British journal of nutrition. It's division of human nutrition wedging engine university over in the Netherlands, and they're looking at one hundred and twenty four studies on stat steamrolls on stairwells not starting stairwells. That tells you there's an awful lot of human clinical trials looking at one hundred and twenty four studies on plant sterols. Did they work? Yes. Absolutely one capsule three times a day, gradually, reduced LDL bad cholesterol concentrations on average by twelve percent. So some people might have been ten percent other people it might have been fifteen percents, but it worked it absolutely works. So here's the a meta analysis looking at a portfolio diet, a meta analysis a portfolio diet. Contains four things that have been absolutely proven to lower cholesterol. Four things that lower cholesterol journal progress and cardiovascular diseases, it's a team. That set out to update the European association for the study of diabetes the clinical practice guidelines for the medical doctors sort of portfolio diet is a plant based diet that emphasizes four clinically validated cholesterol, lowering foods every day. Okay. If you have these foods everyday. It's clinically proven validated. It's absolutely proven to lower your cholesterol. Forty two grams of tree nuts or peanuts. Now. Forty two grams is announcing a half an ounce and a half of tree nuts cashews. Walnuts. Pecans? Fifty grams of protein from. Lagoons or pulses so fifty grams of protein from like chick peas or beans or lentils. Twenty grams of fiber should I be oats barley, silly, apples oranges, berries and two grams of plant sterols. So this is the portfolio diet to lower your cholesterol and lower your blood pressure, and it's validated and many human clinical trials. This is what they preach in Europe before going to a twelve astatine and similar stone. Not. Looms or pulses? Cyber fiber and plant sterols. There's no doubt about it. So who believe in plant sterols who believe plant sterols? I I went into a whole bunch of websites to see who believed in plant sterols. I went into the American Heart Association website. The American Medical Association website, the Harvard Medical school's website, the Yale medical school website. The mayo clinic website the Cleveland Clinic website. UCLA NYU Cornell Columbia University, they all agree. Plant sterols work showed us, the American pharmaceutical society. So does the American nursing association? They all agreed the American the American Heart Association. The American Medical Association. All agree. A better diet exercise and stairwells works as well as statins to lower your cholesterol, and it should be tried first. That's not what's happening. So here is Robert in Ramsey New Jersey, he was having pain from LIPA, torso. He had lowered the dosage and both. He and the doctor were afraid that his cholesterol would jump back up. So what he did with his doctor's knowledge. He added the stairwells to a lower dose of Lipitor LIPA at Tova stuck. I lowered my dose of Lipitor from twenty milligrams to ten milligrams because of the side effects stairwells kept my LDL cholesterol below seventy am I total cholesterol below one hundred forty my HDL's at eighty my triglycerides are fifty my doctor, and I are very happy. His mirror in New York City. And nine months, you're stairwells lowered my LDL cholesterol from one hundred ninety five to one hundred twenty nine. Now, I do not need to take statin drugs. Here's a Florence dare. Jerry. I've been taking your stairwells your cardio h action your fficials for six months. My total cholesterol dropped significantly my bad cholesterol went from one hundred and forty seven to one hundred seventeen and my good cholesterol went up ten points. That's beautiful. I'm telling you this stuff works. Okay. We have to go to a break are steroids, Ron special very safe way to lower your bad cholesterol. It absolutely works and over the course of three to six months, it gets better and better and better and better you can use them alone. Or you can use them. What you're starting drudge or you could use them. What you've I tore doesn't matter. The stairwells one capsule would have similar about five to ten minutes before each meal..

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