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Everybody else state. You stayed connected to matt to me. You know malcolm teddy jamal all of it all of course you built these threads of connection it. Become an and we've done illusionist. You guys the runaway script. I said something like that. You guys unlocked motherless brooklyn script issues for me when i was struggling with that but what's funny but i don't you know a community that's not a community. That's not a community that i built. But but it's a it's a. It's you guys built a network. That's that you've expanded talking more about that whole period of time for you and the way that i'm not sure people know that sure you go from movie to movie as we all go from project to project and build these. I'm i'm talking about in general. There's a creative community of people that you've built. Yes but but what i was getting to is. What's interesting is i. That happened with you guys. What we were doing that matt had a good will. Hunting was exploding at that exact moment. Right and he and matt and ben casey and and You know the the the are they're crew like was lighting up into lake thing. That is still there. You know that that's like all of their thin right that they're they're club there. Click their their crew. And and i went on over. I went on over to fight club. And you know one of my great experiences without a doubt not just like what the film became but just it was just funny and fun and vital and we were making things about without. I love those guys. But fincher in brad had already and sustained from southlake. They they they they were like a you know they. They were a a team. You know what i mean. And and they've they've used they've they have this alliance that's gotten a lot done. They got a lot done together. You know what. I mean over the years and everything and i i have frequently gone through and by the way i felt this way in high. That's what's weird like. I was a floater. Like i never. I never had a group of friends in high school rally complete floater. No like i i. I was always like i was always on the margins and an that was not true in college. I had an. Yeah and that's my my deepest bench of friends. Yes the people i met when i was eighteen are my tightest. Longest group but But in the movies it was funny. I would sometimes like like move around and be like i can see. I can see that that happens that there's like alliances of people. Anything about like redford. Newman or you think about like The cohen's and like their crew and you're just sort of going like like you know the dream. The dream of every actor. I think is to be in repertory company. Right now is to be like part of a theater troupe. That was part of my romance for sure. Was like literally going back to. When i was in college and read about orson welles for the first time when i i read. I don't even know melvyn douglas's brochure. Which whichever is the book. i know. mouth douglas. I don't know if i'm right that it was him. The best wells book is the henry. Jagua if you haven't read that. Yeah that's the greatest. But i i remember thinking my god. He was twenty five years old. He was twenty five years old and he he was more adult from time he was eighteen or nineteen the most people but still he was very very very young man but what he did when he got his shot to be a winner kind kid and a movie and he made this thing is he took all of his new york theater radio people and brought them across into citizen kane agnes moorehead joseph cotton all these people. That he knew knew him weren't gonna like look down their nose at him like some snotty kid that he was already he was already. He already had a troop. You know what i mean. And he took them across. And i like that always made me go. That's what you want. You want like you want people who you don't have to prove yourself to you know what i mean. Who who who kind of things. But when i but when you're talking about community. I like had made great like you. Guys were. D- john curran when i went and made The painted veil with him and another movie to movies with him. Yeah and I i really you know. Wanted to keep working with him or whatever. But we. But it's funny like i until i started working with wes enticed are working with wes. I really did not. I have never wants working in hollywood. Felt like i was in a group the group or in the cool kids club like i always always felt that. And maybe it's partly like being a new yorker and never totally buying into being out there or the nature of the things i did like. I couldn't be more tight with david mckenna. Who wrote american history acts we. We went through the fire together. Right like bonded forever. You know what. I mean like an But he does his thing. You know there's i have great like histories with people but an but in less. I've done my own thing. I never i had to create my own ones like i. I you know on motherless brooklyn. I had to like pull together but you have your i mean you did make your production company with your best friends for in and do yeah Well it's fascinating that you've felt like west is west is you're part of the thing was the one that i most sort of felt like in a we're invited into..

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