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With a very basic question and what do most americans think should happen with dr recipients while twothirds of people say that they are in favor of legal status for these daca recipients or dreamers the president here is part of that majority now what he said he wants in exchange for protecting dr recipients is that border wall and he's not with the majority in this one by fifty six to thirty percent margin actually americans said there against a border wall and sixty percent also say that it wastes taxpayer money and i'm guessing those results breakdown along party lines right i mean the wall with a key part of the presence campaign democrats have always been stanchly posed the idea that what does the poll show how did you guess quarters of democrats are against building a wall along the southern border with mexico six in ten independents are also against it but compare that to sixty eight percent of republicans they want one the president's also proposing changes to current policy that allows immigrants to sponsor family members how do people polled feel about that while significant majorities of americans across the political divide agree that immigrants should be permitted to bring immediate family members that spouses minor children even parents but there is a split on whether there should be restrictions on extended family when it comes to adult children that's where things change americans are split on whether they should be allowed to emigrate with their parents and there's a huge divide based on whether your republican or democrat they are mirror images in fact sixty three percent of democrats are okay with it thirty six republicans 36 percent of republicans are against it and say 'no so by the way when it comes to cousins aunts uncles they face a much less welcoming american public overwhelmingly americans think they should not be allowed to seek permanent residence what is this poll tell us about larger attitudes towards immigrants here in the us well first let's start with the good news there is broad support generally across the parties for the notions that immigrants are an important part of the of the american identity and the cultural diversity that makes america a better place to live those a exact words from the.

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