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Conor mcgregor and his his group of friends do you call them thugs jumped in the car ran off later in the day turns out the police had charged head arrested conor mcgregor connor mcgregor has been charged so this is the latest latest news of what he's been charged with conor mcgregor has been charged with three counts of misdemeanor assault and one count of criminal mischief from the latest that i've seen he is still in custody in new york the criminal mischief one is the one that could actually i'm not sure if that's a felony criminal mischief or not but it's a that's the one that could be pretty serious i had known the three counts of misdemeanor salt so conor mcgregor is actually in custody i don't know what this means for connor which we can catch on little bit but then late last night there this morning more news came out about the ufc two twenty three max holloway has been declared medically unfit to fight that means max holloway is no longer going to be fighting could be narmada main off that means that the main event is in serious serious danger looks like they are trying to get anthony pettis to end up fighting could be i'm not sure if they do pull that fight off in his could be versus anthony pettus i don't know if that's going to be for the title or not it is it's kind of a fluid situation right here and here's the crazy thing.

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