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About motorists hitting a, deer along highway four twelve in west. Silom springs It was bad And. It was Dr We, have three or four Vehicles that, actually the body he says investigators are hoping to identify. The man through DNA testing anyone with information on the case asked to call west Silom springs. Believes. Records about supreme court nominee Brett Cavanaugh will take several weeks to get potentially slowing down a confirmation that. Republicans are anxious to finish Jared Halpern reports the national archives and. Records administration has told senators it will not be able to finish reviewing hundreds of thousands of documents about judge Kavanagh's time in the George W Bush administration. Until the end of October and that's just reviewing the pages requested by Republicans covering Kavanagh's. Time in the White House counsel's office Democrats want even more records from the judge's, time is President Bush's staff secretary Republican leaders are skeptical of the Democrats request judiciary committee chairmanship Grassley asking what more do they? Need to know to vote no tax free weekend is underway through eleven fifty nine Sunday night sales taxes will Will not be charged on most. Clothes and footwear costing less than one hundred dollars you will be charged sales tax on excess. Sary's. And clothing or footwear designed primarily for athletics as well as protective gear tax also will be charged for. Items including jewelry handbags luggage umbrellas wallets and watches if you're not. Registered to vote and you want to vote in the August twenty eighth runoff primary you have through today to register you'll find voter registration applications at county. Election boards post offices tag agencies libraries and online at the state election board website a. State question approved by the legislature that would allow school districts to use property tax, revenue for teacher pay will be on the November ballot state question eight oh one would also give local school boards and option? To use existing property tax funds in the classroom without raising taxes. The nation's first Web enabled technology to connect blood recipients with. Blood donors is being pioneered by the Oklahoma blood institute very moving because the donor of the unit gets to hear the story of the impacts being. Made on. The family that's got the patient or the patient himself Dr John Armitage says the thank the donor program fully complies with..

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