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Though eighty, seven the high eyewitness weather, updates eight times every hour on KYW NewsRadio a plan to tack a five cent fee on single use plastic bags in New Jersey could well be replaced with an outright ban KYW's David Madden reports Middlesex County state. Senator Bob Smith said the fee. Bill now sitting on. Governor Phil Murphy's desk won't be sitting there much. Longer the governor's office called to indicate that he intended to veto the Bill early this week coming environmentalists have been pushing a plan to prohibit the bags and other plastic and styrofoam. Products there's scientific evidence that those disposable items at degraded to micro fibers in the water supply that are becoming a public health risk Smith has a Bill under consideration to not only ban the. Plan Sticks but the place a small paper bags hoping to encourage use of reusable bags that he hopes will be. Voted on by year's. End David Madden KYW NewsRadio, now time for the KYW business. Report here's Jeff. Bellinger of, Bloomberg business stocks rallied with, the NASDAQ and the s&p five hundred hitting new all time highs the Dow Jones industrials rose one hundred thirty three points or half a percent the NASDAQ closed up sixty seven. Points or eight tenths percent the s.. And p. five hundred gained eighteen. Or six tenths percent. Neela Richardson Edward Jones tells Bloomberg the economy is. In good shape with no downturn insight if you look at the second quarter you see a lot of strength over four percent GDP growth that's not stimulus either that was business investment. That was a pop in consumer spending to fundamentals in the economy very strong and Richardson says corporate earnings have been solid for two quarters in a row demand for expensive manufactured products declined more Than expected last month the Commerce Department reports orders for durable goods fell one point seven percent. In July but a component of the durables report the tracks. Business investment posted a bigger than expected gain I'm Jeff Bellinger Bloomberg business for KYW NewsRadio business reports at twenty five and fifty five after every hour a judge in Louisiana has ordered the Catholic. Church to let to students return to school while they fight. A policy that bans their hairstyle the school only allow students to. Wear their, own natural hair two. Girls are suing saying the policy that banned extensions in. Their hair is discriminatory because they're black, they're back in school at least for now right, now this. Is just a temporary injunction within usually a week to two weeks a hearing conducted professor dancy Alino says an order for. The plane to get a permanent injunction against Christ the king parish Catholic school they'll have to prove that the policy Was targeting them because of their race Dave. Cohen for CBS news New Orleans hoping to keep football fans from leaving the game early the whizzy and, a state university this fall, will be selling beer inside tiger stadium But there's a catch the southeastern conference doesn't allow beer in. The stands, at football, games so any beer button tiger stadium's new sports bar must be consumed there and in a. Stadium that seats more than one hundred. Thousand the bars capacity is, around twelve hundred still Baton Rouge sports writer Scott rabble. As as LSU is hoping this. Will hold fans interested the, way to. Keep, people more engaged that's a big part. Of the. Game the experience with empty says it's not uncommon to, see fans streaming out by halftime unless the game is really close Chris Miller for..

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