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That sounds you heard was it won't be cushioned we resume talking to greg cody of the miami herald about his bathroom experience again if you do not know what we're talking about google czar dose sean car sean connery as furry and lustful that is how greg cody is dressed or gold today's to get greg cody to go viral all over he has pinned with some important social point he's made while dressed in a ponytail fake moustache crisscross suspenders and speedo with leather high boot so greg cody of the miami herald please stand up do this segment if you do not mind standing up and i'm gonna continue to read from this kevin love story but can you in the interim while i'm reading from this kevin love's droid from the players tribune would you be kind enough to pick up that microphone and tell us what the difficulties were in your bathroom experience at why you were late to the last segment um this is a full length bodysuit and so alatas required to get down to the urinary act i had to take the suspenders off uh had to take the arms out of the sleeves and the most difficult task was i had to reach back there and lower as zipper enough enough where i could take the shoulders off and lower the suit to do my business how did you feel about your life at the point where everything was around your ankles like how did you feel about like that that the choices you had made the high probably felt as ridiculous as you would imagine uh i'm a grown asked man i'm a new grandfather i i used to be respected journalist and now look at me.

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