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A great song. My only way she is that he would have done the connor voice a little more. This is a genre i didn't know existed tribute songs to murdered women. Let's try to find some more of those nicole brown simpson tribute songs. Maybe there's gotta be some princess diana tribute songs. Aside from you know the famous. One like the elton. John candle in the wind song. Every time i hear the view gives me creeped out vibes from when i was a child. And my weird asked neighbor. Who has like fifty at the time and in love with me. Even though i was seven she blew out her birthday candles. And said this one's for you damn and then like gave me a ukulele or something. It was weird. She had a bowl cut. She looked like bonnie franklin from one day. At a time. that's right. I'm using one day one day at a time as a reference. That show was off the air. Like before i was born. I do not expect any of you to know with bonnie franklin. It's or was. She might be dead project. Probably dead at this point moving on. I've got a new tick tarred recommendation. You should all be following. Captain kuwait one. There is very little information about her. Like no bio information on her tick tock page and so far all of her updates seemed to come from the hospital. I don't know what's wrong with her. She's got the oxygen hoses in her nose. It may be covert related. I think it's more than that though. Based on some of her recent videos. Sunday and nobody gets fucking shit about me. Took a shit less than that and nobody bothered to white my pass so i'm still sitting story of my life. This kind.

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