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He kind of amazing and he would sit down at dinner with you and say instead of saying what do you do. You know. He'd say what excites you. Oh and I I don't know but I think I brought that story up and then I remember thinking what a year that's so refreshing to know that everyone leaves parties and like replays. The whole thing. Yeah now you grew up in Orange County or at least you were born and brought home from the hospital. I was born in Fountain Valley California and I moved to Arizona When I was like one and until I was thirteen was in Arizona? Okay and so David Your Dad. He worked for Nissan for Nissan. So it was. What was dad's occupation was he a market market friends? Make Fun of him when I say this but I call him like a suit for Nissan but to me he wore a suit and he left the house but he didn't sell cars he's he was is like a like a parts manager so he would leave you know. He was out of the House three days. A week driving Kingston Arizona and Flagstaff Arizona and selling the part that I don't know like writing the reports. Okay so we probably worked for corporate kind of monitored he zone probably in he made sure okay. Yeah and then my father sold cars at dealerships my whole so we have a car connection. Yeah and then mom was a homemaker okay and then you an older brother rather the guys and the little sister especially okay. Now you you didn't just stop Arizona though right because now you guys went to Texas we went to Colorado for high school. Okay early high school and then I started working. Thank you mouse. You did that shoot in Orlando or did then okay so backup cup. So that's a lot of moving And how did you take to especially if you left when you were what thirteen or fourteen to go to Colorado. That's a pretty significant age. Start over I think yeah I I had to start over a lot and it takes a certain kid you know it was harder on other of my siblings but I I. I was sort of a loner anyway. So it kind of I mean I had a best friend in Arizona that I grew up with. But then I'm not like Super Gregarious or it. Kinda keep to myself anyway. So you're an introverted. Yes it was okay It's easier for introverts. Maybe oh yeah. Maybe I don't know a doubt. It's easy for anyone. Yeah but you were dancing. That was a hobby of yours. Yes then I in Colorado. I got super involved in dance and that was kind of my sport. And that's all I you did from three in the afternoon till nine o'clock at night. What kind of dance the every kind like? Somebody parents didn't have a ton of money so I got a scholarship at a studio and you'd have to go win and clean the bathrooms and sweep the floors or whatever but then you'd have to take a certain requirement of classes so half of them have ballet jazz. You know like whatever but that's kind of what I did alter my teenage years. Did you do any extra curricular activity based around that where you unlike pom squad or cheer anything because it was so. I was so like single-minded on succeeding at that Dan so at that time. Did you have fantasies of being like a professional personal dancer. I guess so like that's all I cared about an certainly kept me out of a like a lot of trouble right. I think I would have been just keeps. You have trouble when you're yet cause so you'd have to find a different group that would've accepted you. Yeah it and if you're shy exactly. I just did that and did on the weekends. I did all the time so I didn't have after totally fine my my way when you're imagining being a professional dancer. I don't even really know what that means. That mean you dance on Broadway or does that mean you're Mikhail Baryshnikov are the battle although music videos of sort of comeback anyways. Growing up like MTV all those like the like there was a really cool girl then carry on that show her that would have been sort of like five people and by the way the way when you're thirty your body's so wrecked so in a way I had the best of all worlds because I was snatched out of that and then got to transfer before I broke my body in a way that right and I didn't have anything else kind of going on but was acting in that mix not at all. Just dance just dance okay. So first of all. How do you get discovered by Disney? You go to a giant casting call with like hundreds of kids. It's yeah with all my little dance in Colorado or in Colorado Disney's famous for doing these like they don't want like the studio kids in New York who are trained in who are slick. They want like real kids like the Michigan Ryan from Toronto. So you know it's funny. I still see him occasionally. It's like I'm sure he's like it. Does it's why wouldn't you claim that he's amazing. I do want to talk about that a lot of people I think. Feel like. That's something they have to shed. Its gold your gold. Doing Bell BIV devoe wraps. I'm sorry sorry I'm like doing the Roger Rabbit and run. Come on. It doesn't get better than that. So you go to some Convention Center I assume or some regency yours. Then you wait for hours with your friends and everyone's like waiting like their hair done APP or whatever they're doing fifteen and like little kids who can sing and all this stuff and are you out the competition like all girls definitely going to get it not at all. I'm sure it was just like what are you guys doing. Okay like I'd never done this before. Oh great and go in and I do like a nerdy little dance and then who by the way that casting director so much would make something on that guy seriously and he goes You know like little little girl. She wanted to sing a song. Read like a skit about a mermaid in some recycling shit. I don't know the he said. Do you want to sing a song and I said Oh no. I don't sing and he said do you WanNa look at how many little kids are lined up outside there and you're gonNa tell me you don't want to sing and I said I don't sing. Oh boy and then he brought me back anyway and maybe sing happy birthday. Just WanNa make sure you can carry it like I would have failed that. Let me to basically Well enough that they maybe so after the first round how many people were brought back. You know then you're invited where you go with your apparent and the the the creepy thing about that show or maybe the good thing is they also interview your parents. Yeah that's a good idea. It these because some of them are crazy. Yeah as some of all parents are so then there were around twenty of us and two of those. was that in a different city or still in Denver. I think we went to L. A.. Do it all my getting excited. It's total playoffs. Yeah and I'm sure the parents are like oh I wonder if my kid's GonNa make it. Yeah it was your mom out of ten ten is she would have been like a rabid stage mom zero. She doesn't want to do it where she in that on the spectrum. I think they were just ignorant. Yeah I think I remember. We had to sign contracts before and my parents were like. What are you gonNA make money like? This is a lot of money. Yeah my parents. It couldn't be a week. Let's yeah it was crazy. How many of you come into the new cast? Okay if there's nineteen total that's how many uneven muskateers there are using the analogy. That sounds good. Okay I think there maybe seven of us new in some really amazing singers. Okay now the Timberlake the Speier's and the Ryan Gosling they were already. They had left left. They were there or they were behind you. I think they were a part of the new kids that came in and they I guess they were a part of our group but they're all twelve and I was seventeen. Take time for them. I could drive. These are like they were babies in fact I babysat Britney Spears a little sister yeah sure sure little kids. Yeah sweet little kids because really when you look at that group of people. It's almost like being on one of the the peak years of Saturday night live cast wise as far as who ended up being bizarre. It's incredible group of kids have all become hugely successful. Yeah so they put in an apartment because I was wondering. Are you in a hotel. Do you live at Epcot Center. What's going the crazy thing? Will you have to find your housing okay. So it's super low if I so they're like no you're on the show but you have to find your place to live and your income is barely enough to cover an apartment but you should work it out right. I thought it was such a cool experience. So we're like Oh my God. This is so excited to bring todd and Julie's they would come for the summers. Yes okay so we would all get these things called silver passes which gets you in the polar which you guys probably have. Well we'll side. No my mom. I'm working for General Motors. They launched the Chevrolet Lumina at Disneyworld so GM bought like. I don't know how much that thing costs for them. To Co brand with Disney but they launched the car there we were there.

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