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Weather. News Radio seven hundred w ELL Cincinnati calling for unity with the eight thirty report. Rick chino, breaking now, President Trump will deliver his state of the union address on Capitol Hill tonight a week behind schedule because of the partial government shutdown both chambers of congress, President Trump will deliver his second state of the union address the first before the newly democratic run house speaker Pelosi sitting directly behind him on the heels of the longest government shutdown in US history. The White House says President Trump will strike a conciliatory tone and call for unity in an attempt to mend the partisan divide. That's ABC's Mona ABI. Meanwhile, the president could declare a state of emergency tonight in order. To bypass congress to get his border wall funding, but ABC news is reporting that does not seem likely at this point a local police chiefs efforts to fight the opioid epidemic will be recognized at the state of the union Middletown police chief Rodney beaters, Paul will be a guest of congressman Warren Davidson, the president expected to tout efforts to stop opioids in his speech tonight, and you can hear the state of the union live right here on News Radio seven hundred wwl w starting at nine o'clock. Now, the latest traffic and weather together from the UCLA traffic center. The UC health ear nose improve program at UC medical center has been nationally ranked for five consecutive years by US news and World Report broken down blocks the right lane, northbound seventy five at forty two and Florence a bit slow there and heavy again, then from buttermilk do the brands Spence bridge. Southbound seventy five starting to clear it Cincinnati Dayton road slows just below there in continues heavy through Laughlin inbound seventy four much better at north Ben heavy from Montana to the seventy five merge and on. Seventy-one both north and southbound you're up on the breaks between piper and red Bank. Chuck ingram. News Radio seven hundred wwl w now ladies.

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