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Tony can on one mistaken as he could bronx money to be in our is apart you know all but an tt data really likes him and but don't forget targets leader of an index sees number one on that team so whatever fresh money is coming in it's going to go to scott gonna go scott count and that i think goatee kate brings most of his funding when it is all but help from chip and some of the other subsidiaries but is some of that my to come from target are some of the alternate of data and tt data that's on the carton that's tony's and gotten all but son tony romo this is a but they theyve grown to really like don't tony there are mean a good guy it's funny it is still fast so it in this silly seasons really going to be kerley is going to be silly where's won probably going to go see going to go to is he going to go to add carpenter more than likely but what else all there's really nothing else out there riddle there's a team that has been mentioned every time their seats open and that's aj floyd racing yeah does he have a suit open is going to have to alone is gonna have to move on we're sido uno an innovator silos not going to get a christmas card from their own thing so this year and on the hall he's another guy that didn't handle a call all season long no it lower than a lot what he did get was walls and there was a good guy who clarkson so there's a lot of things that better going on fold this could be a rebirth of aj for racing what to guys out you know as ages other hawks first yeah and in you know he's he's but you know there's guys coming i mean moments but we got one problem montoya tony can on new got some connor daily we don't know connors of two yet you know there's there's a lot of there's a lot of drivers that and you know looking good we look a free mj will be there be ashamed of connor didn't end up somewhere else when he did he also had a couple of off sushi or nothing know not not all of them were entirely his fault but he ran you know sure had some pretty bright moments throughout the year was on the podium once finished in the top five or six several times got to learn how to qualify a little bit better which they were able to pull that off a few times well three course for the season but so that's so that part of the equation midst of really step up so did.

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